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Get Noticed – Get Featured is an online magazine which is designed to be the go-top option for a huge variety of different people. With a wide array of information in each addition which covers topics like beauty, health, fashion and travel to business advice, entrepreneurial tips and the biggest trends for making your business as successful as possible.

Our entire ethos is to make sure that every article is exciting, engaging and objective. We want to provide information and ideas that get you out of your seat and into action – we want to help any online business get noticed, changed their development strategy and to be the very best that they possibly can be for the business. We want to help businesses and e-commerce websites to grow and expand their readerships by featuring with us in articles and pages of the magazine itself.

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Why Feature With Us?

Reason #1: We are a Publisher that focus on Content Marketing

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We look to share the best articles about your website that will focus on marketing your content effectively. Old advertising strategies are no longer as effective, as clients are looking for more information than an offer on a banner. In today, an online business must find ways to advertise their services and the unique sales points that makes them so intriguing – we can help your companies profile grow with readerships you may never have been able to touch previously.

Reason #2: Google and Readers Love Quality Contents

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An online presence is any existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search. For example an individual who only has a Facebook profile or e-commerce website. How do you leverage and enhance your existing web presence to boost your exposure and reputation and market yourselves and your business online? allow your business to build its online presence – with a readership of 50,000, we can potentially bring you a whole new level of interest and even sales with your e-commerce website or online business.

Reason #3: Branding and Awareness

branding and awareness
The brands above are extremely popular, however why we still able to see their advertisement on television, Youtube, Magazine and LED Signboard? It is simple because “Branding” is the key part of any business.

Therefore also look to create awareness for your business, to help you build your brand and manage the level of exposure that you receive. This is a major part of business – as standing still will see you regress very quickly in the business world.

Reason #4: Find New Clients and Expand Your Profit

increase your profit
Increase your authority and your credibility with publications in a respected magazine that is only to get bigger and bring in new users that can really help your business find new clients and expand your profit streams.

How Can We Help?

boost-icon Boost your company profile and bring you even more success in the future.
boost-icon Gather intelligence about a specific company – if you want to get into a new market, we can help you to analyse the online market perfectly.
review-icon Review products and, if we agree, give you a stunning write-up in our magazine.

international-icon Provide a spot for your PR and introductions to the wider business world – network aggressively with your business competition.
story-icon Cover stories and interview your founders to give more authority and knowledge about the history and philosophy of your business.
trophy-icon Highlight your best products and services, show off the recent achievements in your life and your history and also give releases and knowledge about your products which are launching in the nearby future.

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So what are you waiting for? We can give you all of the information you need to help get the advice and improvements as well as the exposure that your business deserves.

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