10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Online Business in 2014

10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Online Business in 2014

Find Out How You Can Improve Your Online Business in 10 Easy Ways

If you’ve got an online business, then you need to get it out there so people know about you and want what you’ve got. You can get the traffic you need, even if you’re just starting the e-commerce website today, with these 10 easy ways to promote your online business.

#1: Make Email Marketing a Priority

Email Marketing

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If you’ve got contacts, then you’ve got sales opportunities. You’ll need to provide something of value to get the email addresses you need, but it doesn’t have to be a lot. It could be a free e-book, how-to videos, or even product samples. Just make sure your offer makes sense with the goods you’ve got.

#2: Use Video Marketing

A video provides a targeted lead with proof of the value that you can provide. Videos are also easy to share with friends, can create a high rate of engagement, and can increase a conversion rate dramatically. When optimized, your videos will even appear in search results and that will maximize your exposure.

#3: Get a Good e-Commerce Website Launched

Many e-commerce websites fail to make an impact with the online business world because they provide no value to their targeted leads. You’ve got to embrace the strengths of your goods, get your brand known, and make people want to know more about it. Without a good website, you can’t draw people in to what you’ve got to offer. You can refer to our article on 5 Tips to Own a Successful e-Commerce Website.

#4: Blog With Value

Marketing your goods has never been easier if your e-commerce website has a blogging section. If it doesn’t, create a free account and link to it from your online business site. It’s an easy way to build a following, expand on the value you’ve got, and an easy way to prove your expertise.

#5: Utilize Infographics

Online Business

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With so much information floating about today, you’ve only got seconds to make a good first impression and provide value sometimes. Infographics catch the eye, provide detailed information for people, yet also provide summaries for those eye-catching moments that people need. It’s a great way to share your vision!

#6: Work Social Media Hard

Social Media

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An online business needs a social media presence today to establish relationships. Respond quickly to questions, post informative content, and you’ll build those relationships and the trust you need for your e-commerce website. It’s a great way to embrace the younger end of your demographics!

#7: Build Affiliate Partnerships

Look for opportunities to forge partnerships with other businesses in the online marketplace. Affiliates will work to market your products to others eagerly because they’ve got an investment in your goods too. Screen your affiliates well so that you get people who know your industry like you do, pay them well, and you’ll expand your customer base.

#8: Get Your SEO Maximized

Good SEO

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Content marketing takes up most of an advertising budget because good content creates value and value helps your online business get noticed by Google. Focus your efforts on your SEO, especially with your content, and you’ll get much more organic traffic.

#9: Make the Most out of a PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign

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When a PPC campaign is done right, it is extremely effective. The problem that many have is that they target keywords that are too generic. If you switch your campaign to a long tail keyword of five words or more, you’ll get the chance to directly market to people who need what you’ve got.

#10: Create Presentations to Share

Why save your best presentations for your clients that you meet in person? The same visual presentation can be uploaded onto sharing platforms and then marketed to your targeted demographics so they can see the value you’ve got to provide as well. It’s an easy way to drum up awareness of your goods and one of the most effective ways to create a connection right now. Create consistent branding, a simple design, and communicate your value clearly to have the best recipe for success.


With these 10 easy ways on promoting your online business, you can start selling online in no time at all. Make your impact in the online business world today!

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