10 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website

10 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website

Importance of Online Presence for Your Business

There was a long time when no business had a website. As time has gone by it is very unusual for every business not to have some sort of a presence on the web. With this in mind it is important for your business to be available online. This is where everyone can find you and this is where most people get their information. It is important that your business find its place online as a website can help to increase brand awareness, exposure, and extend the brand. With a website, you are able to give your customer an idea how your restaurant atmosphere looks like when the customer clicks on the pictures online. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should have a website for your restaurant:

No. 1 – Restaurant Website?

This is the first place people will look for information about your business. Don’t you think it is important that they are able to not only look you up, but that the information they find is helpful? Besides providing the basic information such as your restaurant location, menu and booking method, you can also share your chef specialties and dine-in promotions. And you can even sell dining vouchers online with just a simple checkout system on your website!

No. 2 – Easy Way to Let Everyone Know

Since a website is available 24 hours a day this is one of the best ways to let people know all about you. You are able to be reached by people from everywhere at any point of time. Regardless whether your restaurant is actually open or not, your potential customer is still able to get all the info they need from your online website. This may be one of the best ways for people to understand what you offer.

No. 3 – Added Advantage

If your restaurant has a website and your competitor does not have one, then your restaurant has a distinct competitive advantage. And yes, you can beat your competitors with a website! When you use a website you can let everyone know what your place is all about. Everything from pictures of the restaurant to a sampling of the menu is possible. You can let everyone know exactly what you bring to the table.

No. 4 – Relationships with Your Customers

A good website will allow everyone to feedback to you on what they like and where they feel you could do better. This is one of the great things about having a website. People are much more likely to put something on the website when they do not have to talk to someone directly. If a customer writes in your restaurant with feedback, a reply will make the customer feel valued and you will have high chances of having the customer to return again.

No. 5 – Low Advertising Cost

As mentioned, a website is available 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. It is definitely a low advertising channel cost compared to advertising on tv channel, newspaper and flyers which are only for short period. With your website online presence, it also allows you to attract tourists to check out your restaurant before they even depart for their trip. Best of all, the tourist will help you advertise by recommending their peers to your restaurant for their trip!

No. 6 – Catch the Eyes

Having a website is a great way to let everyone know what makes you different from everyone else. You are able to let everyone know what makes your restaurant unique. Best chicken chop in town? 3D foam on latte? No service charge? Catch the world’s eyes with your restaurant’s uniqueness.

No. 7 – Help Everyone Out

Some people hate to call and ask questions. Especially when they need to call to find out what’s on your menu today. With a great website they no longer need to do that. You can let everyone know exactly what you offer and they do not have to talk to anyone.

No. 8 – Media Information

Having a great website gives all the information anyone could want about your eatery. Nothing invites people more than being able to check out what you offer. If a food blogger or a journalist wants to write about your restaurant, they can use the information on your website to add to their article. Consider this as another free advertising!

No. 9 – Brand Image and Reputation 

The beauty of a website is that you can feature almost everything about your business. A restaurant website can contain pictures of your restaurant and written descriptions of your menu. You can use a suitable website design to bring out your restaurant image and reputation. From quick meal to fine dining, you can always promote your brand image with the whole website design.

No. 10 – Increase Revenue

Everything in this new and beautiful world has changed. The days of people not knowing about you are done. It all boils down to a fact that we are now living in an Information Age. Almost everyone will check out a restaurant through online before they make a trip down. What you need to do is to have a presence online so that people can find you. This will ultimately lead to an increase of revenue to your restaurant.

Conclusion: Your Restaurant Needs a Website, Seriously.

Nothing says we are here more than having a presence online. Thinking of having a website for your restaurant? We can help with that! Contact Buildic to find out more!


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