3 Formulas to Check if Your E-Commerce Website Looks Pay Off

3 Formulas to Check if Your E-Commerce Website Looks Pay Off

Is It Time To Upgrade Your E-Commerce Website?

For many businesses, being part of the online scene is not the priority that it should be. While finding ways to bring in new business can take up most of the time of a business owner, they rarely look to the internet. If your business already has an e-commerce website and it’s not really performing, don’t think that’s the very limit of its power and prestige. A new coat of paint and a new direction for the site can re-invigorate it and help it reach new heights it was not able to do so in the past.

Trying to decide on whether or not your business needs a new website can be a rather costly venture – as you wait, competitors are scrambling to their feet to really get involves and make changes. Whether or not you are considering a revamp of your e-commerce website or sticking with it until your situation changes, consider some of these potential formulas for putting together the ideal plan:

Formula #1 – You Get What You Pay For

While there are many quality freelance designers out there who will give you a great website aesthetically for anything from $500-800, you don’t have any of the bells and whistles along with that. You’ll rarely get content and you certainly won’t get a site which is SEO ready.

While anything upwards from $5,000 or even above $10,000 is common for an awesome website that is going to bring you business and last a long, long time, you need to understand that you do get what you pay for. This investment is high but it’s going to leave you with the perfect e-commerce website to build from.

Formula #2 – Are You Making Regular Changes

Can your current website be easily modified, updated and optimized? If not, then you may need a new e-commerce website design. Adding regular changes to your e-commerce website each month in terms of new content and blog posts can be a god way to keep things fresh. However if you go for a CMS – Content Management System –as your e-commerce websites base, it’s much easier to make these changes regularly. This makes it easier and quicker for an expert, or yourself, to make the changes that you need.

Formula #3 – Conversion Rates

Typically, you want to be running at something along the 1%-2% line of visitors to your site turning into clients. Anything less than this and you are potentially seriously hindering your online business prospects. If you find that your e-commerce website is not hitting these figures – you can easily check this by having your designer include Google Analytics and then just log in to Google to do some analysis – and this should tell you how many clicks are turning into genuine leads for your business. If your business is not running at a 1%-2% conversion ratio, it might need a bit of chopping and changing to the system to get it right in the long-term.


These simple processes above are some of the most common processes that require checking for an e-commerce website. Once these are dealt with, you will know whether or not you need a good website as any good site should be hitting these numbers and targets regularly. You can always engage an e-commerce specialist to do the analysis on your e-commerce website and get them to propose you the solutions to enhance your website.

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