5 Tips to Own a Successful e-Commerce Website

5 Tips to Own a Successful e-Commerce Website

The concept of purchasing products from the e-commerce sites is revolutionizing the marketing and business operations on the global domain. The hectic schedules and the comfortable atmosphere for purchasing goods and services of one’s own choice is providing an extra edge to the online businesses that are already reaping the profits from high sales stats. If you are looking forward to develop an excellent e-commerce website for selling products and services, here are some important aspects that can lead to an overwhelming success in the business very soon.

Tip 1 – Website Design 

Site Navigation: Once you have developed your website, build proper links for easing out the navigation to the different web pages to view different product options.

Website Version for Mobile Devices: Today, more than 57% customers use their smartphone devices to search for products on e-commerce websites. The responsive web design is the ideal technology to make the site compatible for different computing devices; the existing site owners can also develop a separate website for mobile device users. 

Technical Aspects: The website speed is an important factor of consideration. If the site or the images take too much of time for loading, then the visitors tend to quit the site and prefer purchasing products from another site. In order to sell online successfully, always ensure that the website performs quite well and takes very less time to load. The web designers conduct website tests before hosting the site for online visitors.

Tip 2 – Information on an e-Commerce Website 

Search Bar: Place a search bar on the website that can take the visitors to the pages with the search terms they are looking for. Use the popular terms that are frequently searched and do link the pages properly. 

Display Categories: The title bar should contain all the categories of products sold on the site with the link taking to the web page where the product details are provided. 

Sorting Options: Provide different sorting options to the customers such as price ranges, ‘high to low’, ‘low to high’ according to popularity, colour preference etc. for filtering specific items they are looking forward to purchase.

Tip 3 – Product Featuring 

Images: The images and video of the product is the only reference that is available to the customers while purchasing the product. Provide HD images of the product taken from various angles so that the customer can understand what he is purchasing.  

Product Information: Make sure that there are complete details about the product, including prices, materials provided etc.

Promotion: Post some positive customer reviews on the site that is convincing for the customers for purchasing the product.

Tip 4 – Site Optimization 

The finely developed website for online business requires enough visibility on the search engines to ensure that the audiences can reach the site. Hence SEO techniques such as off site optimization, social media exposure, backlink to forums, high traffic niche websites, article directory submissions, guest blogging etc. are required to raise the website ranking in the SERPs.

Tip 5 – Order Acceptance and Payments

Order Forms: Keep the order form simple and easy to complete for the customers. Asking for complicated verification, id proofs etc. can be difficult for the customers to provide while ordering and they may leave the site to purchase from another source.

Payment Methods: Offer multiple payment options such as PayPal, Skrill (MoneyBookers), net transfer, credit cards, cheques, etc. to the customers so that they can select one of their choice. The cash on delivery is one of the most preferred choices so this is a compulsory inclusion.

Delivery Details: Provide the details of the delivery time and the means used to send the products to the customers etc.

Order Receipt and Confirmation: Always send the order confirmation receipt containing the order details, terms of purchase, shipping and product return policies, and other information to the customer’s email id and phone.

Tips for a Successful eCommerce Website

Source: Chargeback.com


A secured online shopping platform is always appreciated by the buyers today. As regards, the future prospects of e-commerce businesses, the industry is blooming as internet users are now using the mobile devices to search for products and services online. The comfort to sit at home and keep shopping is an excellent idea that the buyers will surely grab provided that your site is developed and optimized keeping the above factors in consideration.

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