7 Excellent Tips for a Successful Online Fashion Store in 2014

7 Excellent Tips for a Successful Online Fashion Store in 2014

Why Choose Online Fashion?

First of all, why should you choose and start an online fashion store? When it comes to selling fashion online, there are some of the aspects that hovers the mind. The prime factor that influences the actions and planning initiatives is to gain a huge market place. In this world of modernization, consciously looking presentable is the top priority for men and women equally. The things are more complex as the conventional dressing is quite low on the fashion quotient and being trendy is the right way to proceed. If we were to compare to many other products to sell online, fashion items are:

  • Light and foldable which allows them to be easily packed into small sizes parcels.
  • Easy handling and lower shipping cost.
  • Fast changing trend as everyone just love to be on trend with latest fashion design.
  • Undoubtedly high profit margin.
  • Low fraud risk unless you go for high end branded fashion such as LV and Gucci bags.
  • Oh, do you know that pets nowadays wear fashionable clothes too!

Nevertheless, we could not deny that the downsides of selling fashion online are:

  • Taxable.
  • Cannot try on to see if the cloth fits on.
  • Cannot touch and feel the fabric texture and quality.
  • Cannot smell (ehm, some people actually smells on fabric!)

Considering the present scenario, the online fashion is the next big lucrative business that offers the best ROI. If you do not believe it, here are some important findings that can provide a fair idea:

  • According to research stats, clothing and other fashion accessories including jewelry, shoes, etc. account for about 36 percent of the overall online purchases made by people every year.
  • Among all these, clothing is the most important fashion item that people like to purchase from the online sources.
  • There are over 13 billion genuine buyers in the US who regularly purchase clothes online.
  • eBay, the mega online shopping platform, generates around $5.4 billion on sales of garments, shoes and other fashion accessories alone. 

Establishing an e-commerce website is not sufficient to run an awesome business unless there is an implementation of an advanced business strategy to gain success. It is important to prepare some plans to grab a good market place for fashion on the e-commerce world. Here are 7 excellent tips that will help you to run a successful online fashion store with high sales statistics.

#1 – Website Design

The website design should be very interesting and attractive having a total glam effect. Make the home page interesting and explore a fine tune of bright and soft shade apparels on the page to provide an idea of what the site can offer. Opt for mobile version web design as this is a must-have for 2014 e-commerce website design trends. Some interesting websites to take an inspiration include:

#2 - Product Categories

The product display and gallery has to be organized enough in appropriate categories. Include HD images of the products from multiple angles to provide a fair idea about how it looks. There should be a written product description to provide color choices, material information and other details. Mention the prices, shipping details etc.

#3 - Stock Availability

Always keep updating the stock information as per the availability for reference before placing the orders. Imagine how frustrated will the shoppers be when they made a online purchase but could not get the item in the end due to out of stock. Hence, make sure your inventory is always up to date.

#4 – Order Forms and Payment Options

The order form has to be simple enough so that the customers can place the orders quickly by filling out some essential information within a short span of time. Include multiple payment gateways to ease out the process for the buyers. Include the cash on delivery option as some buyers are reluctant to make online payments.

#5 – Online Promotions

The website will require a strong marketing to make your online fashion store a really profitable business. Once the website is ready for hosting and you have the stock of goods ready at hand for selling, it is the turn to hire the online marketing services and employ SEO strategies to promote the website to gain more customers and visitors on the site.

#6 – Product Design

For the ultimate business success in online fashion retailing always follow the latest fashion trends so that the designs of clothing and accessories can match the preferences of the customers.

#7 – Online Fashion Blog

Build your brand reputation by having a online fashion blog tab on your e-commerce website. Feature your latest designs, fashion pairing ideas or fashion items for different occasions. This online fashion blog of yours can build your own pool of followers and gives a lasting impression to shoppers on your brand.


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