7 Reasons Why China Taobao is Leading the eCommerce Race?

7 Reasons Why China Taobao is Leading the eCommerce Race?

China Taobao Double 11 Sales Hit USD 9.3 Billion on 11.11.2014

 Taobao DOuble 11

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The Great Online Shopping Festival has something for everybody especially for the Chinese e-commerce holiday Singles’ Day. It serves as a boon for the buyers. China Taobao is the leading website of the blistering Alibaba group. Every year, the Double 11 is considered to be the most awaited day in China. This is so because Alibaba group unfolds ample amount of discounts for its customers on November 11.

Alibaba is growing approx 50% annually in volume terms. This means that the gross volume of its merchandise is increasing at the fast pace. The online shopping websites under Alibaba group are Taobao and Tmall and both do not sell the stuff manufactured by them but are e-commerce platforms or most commonly known as online marketplace. They are a medium to make available each and every kind of branded and non-branded but quality goods to the ultimate consumers.

On November 11 year 2013 Alibaba made record sales of RMB35 billion (5.71 Billion USD) in a single day of the shopping festival. As the clock hit 00.55 on 11.11.2013 the transaction amount reached around 16.3 million USD and by 5.49 a.m. it was 1.63 billion USD. This shows the dignity and reputation of the shopping festival that each year the records are broken to reach new heights. On the same day in 2014 this e-commerce giant sold merchandise worth 9.3 Billion USD in its 24 hour festival.

The 7 Reasons Behind Its Success!

1: Efficiency

The customer base of China Taobao and Tmall, both the e-commerce giants, are gigantic. They employ almost 25000 workers to service their clientele.

2: No Third Party

This division of Alibaba group allows small merchants to sell their products directly to customers. For this they do not charge any sort of commission from the sellers instead they ask for share of advertisement promotion. This strategy works because every small seller attaches himself to the organization and develops interest in the promotion activities then performed.

3: Convenience

This group is also trying to establish banking and financial services in order to provide its own credit cards to the customers and further ease out the process of payment.

4: Constant Maintenance

The consensus evaluation every year by the top analysts values this organization in billions purely depicting its market worth.

5: Branded Goods Also Available

It has tie ups with leading brands such as Nike, Puma, Gap etc which offers there products to be sold online to give customers a wholesale discount.

6: International Accessibility

The China Taobao and Tmall have gone global. It is not only the conqueror of its domestic market but is a leading name in the international market. The company is not dependent on standard practices of free delivery instead it plans new and modernized every time. They believe more in service orientation and earn on the basis of loyalty by providing a quality product and after sales service.

7: Mobile Friendly

To tap the market and demand of smart phone users it has gone mobile. This means that its portal is available from every location. To attract consumers to buy from their smart phones it offered discounts more than as offered on web portal. This is because purchasing from mobile would make people more familiar with the procedure and they would feel attached to the enterprise.

From where did the era begin?

 Jack Ma

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The founder of Alibaba group is Jack Ma and he started this business in his apartment. But its service orientation has brought it amongst the top list holders. By breaking the record of initial public offer worth $25 billion, it has proved that this enterprise does something larger than life. The simple attired founder has promised to carry out the best of deliveries. With the leading trading in few products and balance in another this giant has been ranked far ahead of many e-commerce players in the market. It do not believe in giving tough competition to the other players rather it believes in providing such sort of satisfactory services to its customers which automatically make it most lovable brand.

With proper graphics, display and a number of payment options, China Taobao online shopping site has connected itself to almost every part of the nation. The mode of payment sometimes acts as a barrier for low earning group people. To overcome this barrier it has made arrangements to pay in the local currency by hand after the delivery and thorough checking. By increasing the networks it has made it possible to deliver the products even at the remotest corner. This is to ensure that every one willing to buy must buy. It is such kind of strategies brings wonders for the organization as a whole. This group can’t afford to miss even the single sale and make that happen what other think is impossible. So it is not the sales that makes it big but because it has become big due to its customer oriented approach it attracts huge sales.

Advertisement- A way to connect


The advertisement adopted by Alibaba group has also contributed to make it a leading name in the market. Advertisement is a source which has a tendency to hit the emoticons of the general public. It can be used as a strong source to convey the message to the large group of population. It is not only promoting the product or the brand it is the way to say without actually saying. The China Taobao used this to connect to the huge crowd. The small sellers who were selling the products through a mediator understood the significance of conveying that their demand is the most prominent factor in driving our trade.


Achieving a huge sales in single day deserves a loud applaud because 9.3 billion USD is not a smaller amount but it is followed by many years of constant dedication and contribution to the nation’s economy. It provides excellent employment opportunities, a platform for the small sellers, satisfaction to its customers by providing quality and timely goods as per their demand. The consistency has brought laurels to this group and therefore the Alibaba group is considered to be the harbinger of more competitive environment. It is usually said that history repeats itself but in case of these both China Taobao and Tmall online shopping sites, the history is repeating itself every year with a lucrative increment.

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