How do Colours Affect Purchases

How do Colours Affect Purchases

Find Out How Colours can Affect the Market

Colours do affect consumer’s behavior in buying decision. They are among the many factors that influence consumers, offline or online, to make purchases in retail stores. Furthermore, they have a big influence on e-commerce website. As customers are not able to get their hands on the products, they will need to visualize the product sold and then decide based on how it looks and what is its colour.

Because of the influence of colours in online shopping, online marketers need some artistic and persuasive talent on how to utilize colours in order to grab the customers’ attention. By understanding the preference of colours among the targeted consumers, it definitely will help in maximizing conversions in e-commerce website. Moreover, it should be noted that colour preference in, for example, North America will differ from the colour preference in India. This will also help to understand the targeted market.

How Colours Affect Purchases


The influence of colour on marketing online business

Internet marketers need to be creative when marketing new products. More than 85% of customers prioritize colour when shopping. Color is primarily considered the influential factor that prompts consumers to buy the product. They like appealing products that they visualize as well when doing online shopping.

The influence of color on branding online business

Brand recognition is enhanced by colour by about 80%. If the brand represents the colours that consumers like the most, then it is more likely going to get more recognition. It links to confidence of consumers. Remember there is a meaning for every colour.

The influence of colour on regions when selling online

Not all the regions have the same taste when coming to colour of products. As mentioned already, colour preference in North America is not the same as the one in India. Consumer behavior differs, and it is important as the owner of e-commerce website to note the colour preference in countries when setting target market.

Colours that persuade North Americans in making online shopping include Red, yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, and Black. There are influential meanings are below;

Green — The colour is linked with wealth and is thus used in retail stores for relaxation of consumers

Black — This colour is powerful and sleek and it is largely used to market luxurious products

Blue — The colour is used mainly by e-commerce website owners of financial institutions and businesses because it creates security and trust sensation

Yellow — The colour is used mostly to grab customers who do window shopping. It is a youthful colour that expresses optimism.

Red —This colour is meant to energize customers since it is used in clearance sales most of the times. It increases the heart rate

Orange — It persuades customers to buy or subscribe to the products. It is aggressive

Pink — Women and young ladies are grabbed by this colour in online shopping. It is feminine and romantic

Purple — This colour is predominantly used in anti-aging and beauty products. It is used to calm and to soothe.

These are the meanings of the colours that often are prioritized in North America by consumers. That said; online business in North America may use these colours to target their potential customers.



Influence of colours on online shopping consumers

Consumers themselves are characterized by specific colours. For example, pink, sky blue, rose colours are for traditional buyers who in clothing stores. Black, royal blue, and red orange colours are for impulse shoppers in clearance sales stores, fast food and malls outlets selling online. Navy blue and teal are for shoppers of financial institutions and departmental stores which are on budget.


Yes, indeed. Colours are one of the most important thing in this universe. Without colours, our lives will be a dull, blank piece of paper. We need colours to fill our lives, just as we need colours to fill our wardrobe, house and even car.

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” – Pablo Picasso.


Source: KissMetrics @ Youtube

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