How Uber Malaysia is Changing Your Daily Life in Going Places

How Uber Malaysia is Changing Your Daily Life in Going Places

Why You Will Love Uber and Why You Will Need It In Your Live

Uber, the app-based ride-sharing service, is a unique way to change your daily life. It makes the process of getting to where you need to be a simpler, yet more personal process. A driver comes to your pick-up location, recognizes you by name and opens the door to your waiting vehicle. You get to schedule times for pick-up instead of waiting in a taxi line, pay less than the average taxi ride and still wind up where you want to be.

Uber has already changed a number of lives around the world and now it looks to change lives here in Malaysia and Johor Bahru. Let’s look into these testimonials of those who have benefited from Uber around the world.

An Undercover Ubertarian Discovers the Truth

Uber Testi


David Fagin is a New York City based writer, producer and creator. He tried one of the introductory services on Uber just to see what it was like and discovered that the service was a lot like meeting an old friend. When drivers, called Ubertarians, told Fagin that they were able to make twice as much money every day by working half of the hours, he couldn’t believe it.

“Becoming an Uber driver is actually a piece of cake,” Fagin wrote in the Huffington Post. “They’ll pretty much take anyone, as is demonstrated by the downloadable video test you have to pass, which is about as hard to master as tying your shoes.”

Fagin’s conclusion was ultimately this: it’s a good system for riders. For drivers who are trying to make  a living through driving, it can wind up being incredibly frustrating. Many areas are over-saturated with drivers, something that Malaysia can attest to as well with over 10,000 estimated to be providing a similar service outside of Uber already.

According to Fagin, this sets up driver poaching. The driver pulls up and says “Uber?” The client gets in without being greeted by name. Choose the wrong ride and you could find yourself in a dangerous situation.

One Week of Fake Milk and a Lot of Loneliness

Mickey Rapkin also took the chance to see what it was like to be an Uber driver, but this was on the West Coast of the United States instead of the East Coast. In some ways, he said it was an interesting experience. In other ways, as Rapkin wrote for GQ Magazine, it was an exercise in loneliness.

“Late one night, I stopped at a 7-Eleven for a cup of coffee and I found myself all too happy to chat with a traffic cop,” Rapkin wrote. She warned him not to put the creamer into his coffee that he was about to use. “There’s something wrong with milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated,” Rapkin said he was told. “That fake milk will kill you.”

For drivers to stay employed, they need to maintain a 4.7 rating out of 5. Riders can anonymously put any ranking down. Rapkin wrote that he found himself coming home and logging onto the website to see how much cash he’d earned after Uber’s 20% commission and what his rankings happened to be. Which one of his riders had given him a 4 star rating instead of a 5 star rating?

So How is Uber Changing Malaysian Lives?

 Uber vs Taxi in Malaysia


There’s no doubt that Malaysian drivers have some difficult challenges to face in order to make money. Similar to above both testimonials, there were hundreds of Malaysian drivers all competing for the same fares. The only qualification to get the fare is that a driver needs to be the closest one to the rider when a ride is booked. If another driver is 5 feet closer, then that driver gets the fare.

It’s the riders that benefit from Uber Malaysia. Malaysian riders may find it a little difficult to get a car if they aren’t in the central areas right now as this ridesharing company is still working on their expansion, but that’s the main difficulty. If times are particularly busy, Uber may apply multipliers, sometimes called “Surge Rates,” to a fare that is booked. Even then, however, the fares are highly competitive.

The drivers are also a lot nicer than you’ll find with the average taxi service. This is because of the ratings system that is in place. Many of the Uber cars have free mineral water in them, riders don’t need to bring along any cash and it is easy to split the cost of a ride if a group is taking the car. If a driver happens to go the wrong way for some reason, you don’t pay extra. Uber corrects the fare.

You don’t even need to listen to the weird music that has become the trademark of the typical Malaysian taxi.

With Uber, You Know You’re Going to Get a Ride

Uber Cars


When you go with a taxi service, even if it’s a competitive service like MyTeksi, then it’s the driver, not the rider, who is in control. They don’t have to choose to take you anywhere. If it’s raining or during rush hour, most taxi drivers aren’t going to accept a fare. That’s not the case with Uber. When it’s time for you to go, you just schedule your ride and you get your driver. It’s really that easy.

With a traditional taxi service, if a driver overcharges you, then there’s nothing that you can really do except for paying the fare or refuse and have trouble come your way. This is definitely the No. 1 advantage of Uber in Johor Bahru. Because it is cashless and Uber distributes the funds, you are always going to get a 100% fair fare for your ride. You see the route that you took and can know that you got a verifiable rate, including wait times, for the ride you booked.

Uber cars are well-maintained. The drivers are courteous and knowledgeable. You don’t pay more for a mistake the driver makes. Although drivers may face some challenges with this service as it builds in Malaysia, riders will benefit from it immediately. If you aren’t part of the Uber community yet, take some time to explore the concept.


While there are some controversial issues against Uber, always bear in mind to keep your options open as you will never know what surprises can Uber bring to you. You may be pleasantly surprised at how easy and affordable this ride-sharing app happens to be.

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