Top 5 Factors to Redesign Your Website with Huge Impact

Top 5 Factors to Redesign Your Website with Huge Impact

Are you stuck in a decision making whether to redesign your website or not? Are you getting prompted to get a completely new design because you are getting lots of quotes from the web design companies? If all these are in your mind, then stop for a moment and do not take a decision until you have considered the following aspects seriously. You probably do not need a redesign website if your current site is performing well. Redesigning the existing website is a prolonged process that will take much of time, finances and efforts. However, there are certain important considerations due to the changing trends in the online business operations. Please read our Top 5 Factors to Redesign your website  which may cause a huge impact on your online business.

Factor #1 When to Avoid a Website Redesign Decision?

  • Your website is performing well with huge traffic pouring in
  • The current website is able to generate high end leads and conversion rates
  • You are just prompted because you feel the design is not good
  • Getting lured by exciting offers from web designers

Factor #2 Why Opt for a Website Redesign?

  • Gain more targeted traffic that can be converted into potential customers
  • Develop a new website version compatible for viewing on various devices
  • Improve the search engine indexing with the right set of program codes
  • Establish a compelling brand image for your company
  • Accomplishment of business goals and raise the sales stats
  • Maximum visits, followers and likes on the social media profiles
  • Added number of newsletter subscribers, phone calls and inquiries

If these business objectives are not fulfilled, it is time to get a redesigning for the existing site to bestow an added dimension to your online business.

Factor #3 Website Adaptability with Mobile Devices

One of the primary goals is to reach out to the maximum number of niche audiences who can be your long term potential customers. This urges the need to own a website customized for the computing devices of different layouts including Smartphones and tablets. Today a significant amount of visitors conduct online searches through their mobile phones. According to the statistics, fast food giants like Pizza Hut generate around 30% of their sales by promoting their stuff to Smartphone owners. If your site is not compatible for viewing on mobile gadgets, then you may be loosing a bulk share of worthy buyers.

Factor #4 Market Competition Aspect

The biggest threat to an online business is the competition from similar business owners. Follow the changing trends adopted by the competitors that are taking away more buyers. If you have an old, slow and a template website design then you need a fresh website development initiative. If you own such a website, you may be missing out some advanced features that really motivate the visitors to purchase from the site.

Factor #5 Choosing the Right Website Redesign Firm

Here is a checklist for selecting the most appropriate web designer for your redesign project:

  • Huge experience with proven results in developing websites similar to your niche
  • The capability to customize the website as per the requisites of the online business
  • Provide freshness to the site elements without eliminating the essential qualities or data
  • Add latest features to the site that can provide results
  • Design the site with high speed, comfortable navigation and accessibility


The above mentioned factors will help you to judge the current analytics with your site performance more precisely so that you can take a decision on the website design and features you want. Always consider the customers using mobile devices for web browsing as the number is increasing significantly, it will definitely help you to own a successful website.

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