Top 5 Ideal Online Shopping Experiences

Top 5 Ideal Online Shopping Experiences

Understanding the Behaviour of Online Shoppers

Are you thinking of creating your own e-commerce website? Or do you ever wonder why other e-commerce websites grow quite fast? Knowing the behaviour of online shoppers is a very important factor to succeed in online business.  Today’s online shopping trend addresses the issues that concern the shopper’s convenience, the price of the goods available online, and more. To succeed in your online business, it is crucial to take note of the facts about the behaviour of shoppers when they go online shopping. 

The number of online shoppers is increasing as people become more confident in making their purchases online. Generally, shoppers actually still visit some of the brick-and-mortar shops as a means of leisure. They visit and compare the best prices using their mobile phones before they do online shopping. At home, they later check for further information and perhaps purchase the goods online. However, the next day they will most likely go back to the shop to get the product.

Online Shopping Experience and Satisfaction

There are various factors why shoppers prefer online shopping instead of making their purchases from the traditional high street shops. Read on to have an idea about these factors:

#1 – Emotional Experience

The traditional shops always offer more when it comes to meeting the shopper’s trust and emotional needs as they transact business in person. In online shopping, however, this can be improved by providing more visual support, loyalty programmes, personal recommendations and chatting.

#2 – Multichannel Offers

Shoppers prefer to see the actual product, but that does not mean that they buy the product from a traditional shop or vice versa. They actually want to know more about the product by gathering information through online shopping and later buy online. Some experts believe that the brick-and-mortar shops serve more likely as showcases of brands and products, while the retailers usually conduct business online.

#3 – Convenience

Online shopping primarily emerged due to the convenience it provides to the online shoppers. When it comes to shopping, there is nothing more relaxing and comfortable than buying online. Most online shoppers prefer to buy online so that they can conveniently receive their purchases right at their doorsteps. However, 36% of the online shoppers actually find it more convenient to pick up their purchases at the traditional shop. They prefer this way, so they do not need to pay for the shipping costs and to avoid possible inconveniences with schedules.

#4 – Information

Today’s shoppers primarily use mobile phones to carry out their online shopping. It is easy to compare the values of every product and obtain additional information with the use of mobile phone while you are in a traditional shop.  Around 33% of online shoppers observe this practice. Additionally, around 63% of shoppers compare the best prices online right after they see an item for sale.

#5 – Discounts

Just like in any traditional shops, any e-commerce website must feature some discounts on selected or all products on certain occasions to attract more shoppers. It is a fact that 62% of online shoppers are most likely interested in products that have a 30% discount or more especially on a Christmas Sales.


With above five online shopping experiences, online retailers can easily target and focus the areas they should be improving on their e-commerce website. Hence, it is strongly encouraged that online retailers should follow the online shopper’s road to happiness!

Online Shopping Experiences and Satisfactions

The Ideal Online Shopping Experiences




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