Xiaomi Malaysia Closed RM3,736,000 Sales in Just 17 Minutes

Xiaomi Malaysia Closed RM3,736,000 Sales in Just 17 Minutes

Why Xiaomi Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes

You probably have heard the saying LESS IS MORE like a thousand times. But you might not hear of paying LESS FOR MORE especially for a high-end smartphone. This China’s Xiaomi smartphone maker achieves tremendous success selling high-end smartphone for less. It may sound too good to be true but Xiaomi has again discovers its achievements in Malaysia on its launching yesterday; 20th May 2014 at 12.00 noon. Hello Malaysia and Welcome Xiaomi to Malaysia.

welcome Xiaomi to Malaysia

xiaomi malaysia

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How Xiaomi Could Get You on OMG! Insider

eGarden.asia team has also joined in the overwhelming response of online buyers who waited anxiously in front of their PCs or tablets and purchased the Xiaomi Mi 3 at the introductory price of RM889. Our team managed to purchase 2 units of the Xiaomi Mi 3 within 8mins. So what’s the story behind of the online buying process with www.mi.com/my/? Here is the insider of our experiences on 20th May 2014:


We got ready in front of our laptops with our mobile phones and credit card. We then registered online at mi.com/my/ and activated the account with the given activation code sent to our mobile phones.


We typed all the contact details such as name, mobile number, address and credit card number on a notepad so that we could copy paste easily onto the checkout page. We also opened a new tab page for each Mi 3 and Mi Powerbank (Aiks, we didn’t manage to purchase the Powerbank!) webpage so that we could quickly add item to cart.


xiaomi Malaysia launching start

When the clock ticked at 12pm, the grey ‘Out of Stock’ button turned to red ‘Buy Now’ button. Our team immediately hit the red ‘Buy Now’ button and was as excited as the Xiaomi website where the checkout page turned haywire. One of our team members got the total check out amount that looks like this: 1 unit X RM889 = RM1778. We dared not proceed since the figure is incorrect.

We tried emptying the cart and reloading the page again but the carrots and bunnies kept coming out to disappoint us.

server error xiaomi malaysia


At some point of the time, we saw the red ‘Buy Now’ button for Mi Powerbank turned into grey ‘Out of Stock’ button. It was about 12.07pm (about 7 Minutes after launching).

xiaomi mi powerbank

It was disheartening, but we kept trying by opening new tab for the page and finally we managed to check out with the correct amount.

success page once you purchased xiaomi mi 3 phone

We then quickly copy paste all the details in lightning speed onto the delivery form and hit the button ‘Pay’. If you have an account with Paypal with your credit card number stored, then you can complete the payment to Xiaomi Malaysia Sdn Bhd even faster!

Paypal payment for Xiaomi Mi 3


We completed the payment via Paypal and received an email from Paypal for the transaction. Few seconds later, we checked back our order status which showed ‘Payment Received’ and hooray, we’ll be expecting our new toys soon!

Xiaomi M3 success page

Xiaomi Comic – Joke of the Day

xiaomi comic

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Xiaomi Malaysia by the Numbers

Two hours later, it was made known that all the 5,000 units Mi Powerbank were sold out within 8 minutes and 4,000 units of Mi 3 within 17 minutes. And do you know that Xiaomi hits the records of selling out within 2 minutes in Singapore? Guess Malaysia’s internet connection or website server is still a way back compared to Singapore’s!

On the flip side, have you ever pondered what the numbers behind this record are? Let’s work out the calculation together:

Xiaomi Malaysia’s Online Sales on launching day
Mi Powerbank      : 5000 units x RM36   = RM180,000

Mi 3 Smartphone : 4000 units x RM889 = RM3,556,000

Total sales achieved in 17 minutes = RM3,736,000

Total sales achieved in 1 minute = RM202,117.65

Well, besides Xiaomi Malaysia, who else is earning big bucks from all these transactions? If you guess it right, then Bingo! It’s the Paypal! Let’s look at the numbers together:

Paypal’s Earning on Xiaomi.my Online Sales Transactions (RM2 + 3.9% / transaction)
(5000 x RM36 * 0.039 + RM2 *5000) + (4000 x RM889 x 0.039 + RM2 *4000) = RM163,704

Awesome figures right? If you happened to wonder why Xiaomi smartphones are so cheap at iPhone or Samsung offered specifications and yet is able to gain big success of sales profits; find it out here: Why are Xiaomi Phones so Cheap?

For most of you who have missed out this launching deal, fret not, Xiaomi Malaysia Facebook Page has just announced that they are expecting new stocks in their warehouse this weekend. 6,000 Mi 3 will be available for everyone at 12 p.m. noon on 27 May 2014! Make sure you mark down your calendar and good luck to all of you who are buying!

xiaomi malaysia mi 3 6000 units on

Meanwhile, our team will keep you updated once we received our has shared the unboxing and first impression of our new toy – the Mi 3 ; so stay tuned with us!


Although Xiaomi is very new to Malaysia’s market and may still be unknown to the public, we believe Xiaomi will be another gadget wave for consumers in Malaysia for their Mi3 and Mi Powerbank. Without doubt, the upcoming Redmi and the newest Mi Pad will definitely create a storm to the gadget market in Malaysia with its unbeatable prices!

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