5 Easy Ways to Lift and Contour for a V-Shaped Face

5 Easy Ways to Lift and Contour for a V-Shaped Face

The Hype of Achieving V-Shaped Face

Have you heard of V-Shaped face? V-Shaped face or also known as V-Line face shape refers to a slim and oval face that narrows down to a sharp end at the chin. If you ever watched the Sailor Moon, Japan’s popular manga based anime; the pretty soldiers teenage girls featured are having the ideal features of V-shaped face with big round eyes. The term of “V-shape” or “V-line” was coined by the Koreans in recent years while the Chinese often refer it as “Gua Zhi” or the “melon seed face”. Nowadays, almost every Asian woman is craving for V-shaped face where it has become a ‘must-have’ in term of beauty face in Korea!

The V-shaped face is ideal as it tends to make the face look more feminine. The more V you get, the more attention and beauty you have. A lot of celebrities and idols are known to have a V-shaped face and some even went for plastic surgery such as the reconstructive surgery and fillers to have their jaws shaped into V-shaped. So why do they sought after this ever-so-popular V-line face shape? Well, it is simply because you can look up to 10 years younger! Don’t believe it? See pictures below!

Korea plastic surgery


Korea V Face Plastic Surgery

Before and After Photos of V-Shaped Face Plastic Surgeries

Source: http://idhospital.blogspot.com/

5 Easy Ways to Achieve a V-shaped Face

And here we have 5 easy ways for you to achieve a V-shaped face without the need of going under the knife. Follow the five tips below and you’ll be on your way to having a slimmer and toned V-shaped face!

Tip #1 : Face Lifting and Slimming Creams

The effects of a slimmer and well-contoured face could be enhanced with face lifting serums, creams or even masks which function to reduce swellings and water retention while firm up the facial muscles. There are three products we have loved for its effectiveness:

1)   Clarins Shaping Facial Lift 50ml RM239 – This revolutionary Shaping Facial Lift Serum is designed for Asian women as a solution to heavy face, puffy cheeks and double chin. This lifting serum helps to slim, fit and define face with its 3D Refining Actions for a perfect V-shaped contours, from every angle. You need to follow the Clarins “Manual Auto-Lifting Method” that can be found in the packaging for ultimate results. You can buy this at Clarins counters in departmental stores or online.

2)   2B Alternative 2B For Face 7ml X 2 RM148 - Many beauty gurus are sworn by this product! 2B for Face slimming essence contains AH-3, an ingredient from France which effectively weakens and thins out chewing muscles and square jaw upon topical application. 2B for Face essence also solve other facial problems such as wrinkles, double chin and water retention. Coix seed extract found in its essence helps to increase lymphatic circulation which would results in reducing facial swelling caused by water retention. Purchase this amazing face slimming essence at eGarden.

3)   Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream – This item is very well promoted in Asian countries especially in Singapore. Bio-essence Shape V Face Series provide minerals, trace minerals and herbal nutrients to lift and firm sagging skin to restore a V-shaped face contour. Enriched with Royal Jelly and ATP, the Shape V Face Series has double the effects to supply and communicate energy to skin cells like a continuous current, improving micro-radiance and firmness to achieve a youthful V-shaped facial contour. The Shape V Face series are available in drugstores and pharmacies such as Watson and Guardian.

4)  Mask House Diamond V-Fit Mask - Diamond V-Fit Mask is the Korean latest face slimming product to achieve V-shaped face with combination of both V-Fit mask and slimming band. Diamond V-Fit mask has been introduced widely on Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan TV Show which has made a huge impact on the beauty trend. Recommended by many beauty bloggers on social and video platforms, this product has become the top selling mask to achieve a V-shaped face. It is sold for more than 20,000 units monthly in Hong Kong! This Diamond V-Fit Mask lifts up and firms the shape of your face, promote facial blood circulation and burn up extra fat on the face to remodel a V-shaped face. Purchase this latest V-shape mask at eGarden.

Tip #2 : Facial Slimming Massage

There are many techniques available for face slimming massage which includes the lymphatic draining technique, ‘Gua Sha’ technique and many more. You can use face slimming tools to compliment the facial massage for optimal results. We love the new OSIM uGEM Beauty Massager for face! It is a sleek and portable beauty massager offers a revitalizing vibration massage for a firm, younger and contoured face. For a more budget face slimming tool, you can try face rollers which are also very popular in Asian market and available in almost every beauty stores. Interestingly, you can also use a Chinese spoon for face slimming massage! Watch below video and try it now!

Tip #3 : Face Yoga / Facial Exercise

Face yoga combines facial exercise with yoga to help you train the muscles around your face that can slim down your face. It also helps in getting rid those unwanted artifacts that tag along such as baggy eyes, wrinkles and sagging face. The best part about doing face yoga is that you can do it just about anywhere, anytime when you are convenience and you can get the benefits of face yoga only using 3-5 minutes a day! Try this pose to sharpen your jawline for a V-shaped face:

1)      Stick your tongue as far out as possible, facing the tip of your tongue upward.

2)      From that pose, tilt you heat back until a vertical line forms between you neck and your lower jaw, and hold for 10 seconds.

3)      Do 2 sets of this pose. Sticking your tongue out helps promote secretion of pancreatic gland hormones that is thought to have an anti-aging effect on your body.

Yoga pose to sharpen your jawline

Face Yoga for V-Shaped Face

 Source : http://slism.com/

Tip #4 : Makeup

As all of us know makeup makes us look good and can certainly do magic tricks to our face for amazing results. You can indeed get thinner V-shaped face with makeup when you apply them correctly. If you have rounder face and your losing weight methods are not solving the issue, simply just invest your money on some makeup bronzer and highlighter for face contouring to enhance the face features. Watch the below video on the basics of how to contour with very simple steps to make your face look slimmer and thinner. These easy makeup tricks can take 10 pounds off your look, instantly — they’re optical illusions!

Tip #5 : Diet

Do you know that salt causes your body to retain much water and it leads to bloated face as well as a double chin? Do you notice that whenever you snack on junk food or any food loaded with lots of salt, you are likely to feel thirsty and your face will swell the next day? Well, it is due the high sodium content and this means you will need to say goodbye to chips, burgers, pizza, and other foods with high sodium content. Try to control the amount of sale you consume and start drinking more water! By reducing the sodium intake, you will feel your face less bloated or swollen.

Besides, remember to ditch those processed foods in the fridge too. Go for healthier food like fruits and vegetables which help to reduce the face bloating. The fruits and veggies contain high percentage of water that keep your body hydrated and prevent your face from retaining water. Practice yourself to take at least three servings of veggies and fruits a day. These natural and healthy foods contain more fiber and lesser calories along with higher anti-oxidants which are why are highly recommended to those who want to stay fit.


All in all, we are not saying that you should be ashamed of your face shape. In fact, many women with round face tend to look younger than their true age and look more innocent too. However, if you are troubled with bloated or puffy face and double chin, you’ll be surprised how the above 5 ways can define your natural face shape! Have in mind that above tips are not going to transform your face to an extreme degree (unlike plastic surgeries) but will let you achieve a natural defined and slimmer v-shaped face. Also, do check out the latest v-shape mask available in the market which can helps you to achieve a more defined and sharp face, no matter what face shape you are having!

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