10 Fashion Items Every Man Needs to Toss When Turning 30

10 Fashion Items Every Man Needs to Toss When Turning 30

 30 is Every Man’s Time to Shine

When a man reaches 30, it is the perfect time for him to go hunting for a potential wife or start building a reputation. But if you are still wearing your brilliant red Spiderman shirt, skinny jeans and flip-flops at your workplace, impressing girls or boss may be a bit close to impossible. There are clothes in your wardrobe that you need to get rid of and forget their existence. Before you start upgrading your wardrobe, you need first to toss these 10 fashion items from your closet.

Tip 1: Statement Shirts

Statement Shirt

Source: swag-clothing.org

That feeling when someone was walking in front of you grinned after reading that sarcastic statement printed on your shirt should not be relieved when you are already 30. Surely, it gives you that kind of “awesome” look when you are in college but wearing ironic tees at work will brand you as a hipster.

Tip 2: Statement Shades

Statement Shades

Source: www.iced-out.biz

Shades can give you that mysterious aura that appeals to a lot of women but statement shades cannot do the job. It’s time to hand them down to your younger bro.

Tip 3: Sport Coat

Sports Coats

Source: www.jlcustomjackets.com

If you think going inside a club with your dragon-printed sport coat will make heads turn towards your, think again. Okay, they will turn their heads and gawked at you but not for a good reason. They will think of you as a frat guy who got confused with the address and ended up in a sophisticated club rather than in a typical college house party.

Tip 4: Skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans for Men

Source: www.electrowow.net

People say that hop into a good skinny jean and you will have a nice fashion sense. Well, that may be true if you are under 30. But once you hit the line of 3, do not expect impressing people with a skinny jeans. A good, nicely-tailored pants is a better option.

Tip 5: Puka Shell Necklace

Puka Shell Necklace

Source: popcultureramble.com

A surfer dude with a puka shell necklace and good tanned skin is always considered as a babe magnet. But don’t go picturing yourself as a surfer dude when you are already 30! It’s time to toss away that Puka shell necklace that many girls admired when you were 20.

Tip 6: Flip Flops

Flip Flops

Source: fashiontrend2013.com

Wearing flip flops in college is acceptable but wearing them at your workplace is simply a sign of deviance. Unless you are a beach bum, don’t go wearing flip flops while you’re working or strolling the mall.

Tip 7: Sneakers


Source: www.aliexpress.com

Sneakers are for teenage boys who dream of becoming a rock star or a hit wonder. You are not anymore a teenage boy. You are now a full-grown man who had come to his fashion sense and is willing to throw that trusted pair of sneakers you loved in high school.

Tip 8: Croakies


Source: dixiegentlemen.com

Croakies once gave you that cool frat boy image back in your college days but when you wear a pair of that in your office, you’ll get a hipster image from your workmates.

Tip 9: Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees

Source: anvello.com

It’s always been adorable and fun to wear graphic tees of the brands and TV shows that you like. But you are that person 10 or 20 years ago. Now that you are 30, it’s time to wear smart casual tees.

Tip 10: Leather Cuffs

Leather Cuffs

Source: leatherbraceletsformen.org

Teenagers always want to achieve that fierce, tough look. Leather cuffs may have given you a rock star look in high school but that won’t have the same fashion effect if you wear it when you’re 30.


These are the fashion items that you should really cross out in your wardrobe list. Just make sure to slash them out and forget about them.

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