10 Men Shoes Every Man Must Have in His Collection

10 Men Shoes Every Man Must Have in His Collection

Wanna Know How to Feel On Top of the World? Get These Shoes!

Are you one of those men who are searching for the best fashion men shoes that can always make you feel and look good? If yes, you don’t need to be bothered anymore! There are huge numbers of online shoes that are always available for you to choose from. However, with the alarming shoes fashion that continuously exists in the fashion world today, it is always a must for you to get hold of the best fashion shoes that can make your fashionable look awesome and extremely different in the eyes of the people. To help you out with the lasts shoes fashion that suits your fashion needs, here are the top 10 shoes every man must have in their collection:

1) Dress Long-Wings or Toe Cap Oxfords

This is a pair of men’s leather brogues shoes. Brown shoes can suitable for whatever dress men will be wearing for both up and down. The black ones are those who men who are going in their work or even for fancy night out with some of their friends.

Try: River Island Formal Brogues

 River Island Formal Brogues

2) Casual Brogues or Suede Derby Shoes

This men shoe really looks best when you are wearing shorts. This is also appropriate if you are wearing your folded pants.

Try: Ezra by Zalora Suede Leather Dance Shoe with Contrast Piping

 Ezra Suede Leather Dress Shoe with Contrast Piping

3) Boat Shoes

This is a very comfortable type of shoes during the spring and summer season. This always makes your feet comfortable at the same time enhancing your fashionable look and style.

Try: Zalora PU Leather Boat Shoes

 Zalora PU Leather Boat Shoes

4) Vintage Boots

Vintage boots that are brown colored enhance personality to huge numbers of men. This has an exceptional edge over the black ones since it strongly emphasized handsome impact to the man wearing such type of vintage boots.

Try: Rocklander Casual Boots

 Zalora Rocklander Casual Boots

5) White Sneakers

White sneakers men’s shoes put emphasis on exceptional fashion that most men are longing for. Since its color is white looking at this type of shoes highly emphasized optimal cleanliness that can effectively attract the interest and attention of the people.

Try: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox

 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox

6) Slip-Ons or Casual Sneakers

For men who are fond of strolling and picnic activities, casual sneakers are the right shoes for them. This is very comfortable types of shoes that will make their feet always at its optimal comfortableness with great assurance of fashionable appeal to people.

Try: 24:01 Tonal Slip Ons

 2401 Tonal Slip Ons

7) Loafers

Loafers are men’s shoes that provide casual appeal in the eye of the people. This provides a one of a king vibe to all types of men’s outfits.

Try: Rocklander Basic Loafers

 Rocklander Basic Loafers

8) Desert Shoes

Men’s desert shoes are suitable for colder season. The laces of these shoes are adventurous and very fashionable. Thus, you may always feel and look good with this type of shoes. You may also choose different types of colors with this type of men shoes.

Try: River Island Brown Leather Desert Boots

 River Island Brown Leather Desert Boots

9) Kicks

Kicks shoes are suitable for men who are fond of different activities and work outs in the gym. This can be worn inside and outside of the gym since its design really highlights optimal fashion for men.

Try: Reebok Royal Complete Low Sneakers

 Reebok Royal Complete Low Sneakers

10) Hiking Shoes

If you are fond of doing some sort of mountain hiking or jungle trekking activities, you may always try to make use of the different types of hiking shoes. Apart from the exceptional comfortableness that this will be providing your feet, this may always help you to get rid of accidents concerning your feet.

Try: JJ Mastini Trendy Hiking Shoes

 JJ Mastini Trendy Hiking Shoes


These are just some of the fashionable shoes for men that can always help them to look more unique and different from others. Placing these men shoes in your fashion shoes collection is an ideal thing for you to emphasize different types of fashionable style and fashion with your strong personality.

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