10 Reasons Why You Must Get the Chanel Flap Bag

10 Reasons Why You Must Get the Chanel Flap Bag

Why Chanel Flap Bag Should Be In Every Woman’s Wishlist

In the world of fashion and style, most men and women are looking for a name that can perfectly represent their personal interests and qualities in just a single glance. There are many ways to express your own style or fashion statement. All it takes is finding the right things for you.

On the part of women, bags are the things that they can never live without. If you are fond of buying branded bags, then you can try the Chanel flap bags. These bags have been already taking their own way to be a part of people’s daily encounters. There are actually numerous reasons why you have to start looking for your own style and design of Chanel flap bags.

Buy Now or Regret Later

#1: Its A Good Investment

Chanel bags will increase in their price later. If you want to buy one, then do it now. Chanel belongs to the masters of price increase that jacks up Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price(MSRPs) of the bags in every 6 months up to one year. Therefore if you plan to sell off your Chanel flap bag in the future, you might be able to sell it at a good price!

#2: Be the Spotlight with Chanel Flap Bag

Serena Van Der Woodsen

Source: coolspotters.com

If you have one, you belong to an exclusive sorority on campus, and be just like Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. Most socialites, royals, and even legendary actresses carried this type of bag. If you really want to be in these levels, you have to purchase Chanel flap bags.

#3: Be Original

Most of the designers were “inspired” by this Chanel flap bag. If you want to pay for big bucks, then find the original one. There were some people and brands that have been accused of stealing the signature bag of Chanel. One obvious reason is that this brand is iconic, timely and relevant to luxury in the present days.

#4: Its Indestructible

Buying Chanel flap bag outlives the users and even those who can see it. This stuff has been indestructible. This bag got a finish which has been tough like the monogram canvas of Louis Vuitton. However, you are going to pay for the actual leather than a canvas.

#5: You Rarely Bump Into Someone with the Same Bag

Chanel Flap Bag Sizes

Source: www.chanel.com

Despite the cultural ubiquity, these Chanel flap bags were very price-prohibitive to own by everybody. These have a variety of sizes that range from XS up to XL but even the smallest flap bags’ prices are way higher than most woman would want to spend on a bag.

#6: Its the Combination of Old and New

Chanel bags have been changing the game. Classic Chanel flap bags were popular for decades and revived the mid-2000s style. However, it was obvious enough that Chanel produces a modern-looking and smart next generation flap bags.

#7: It Gives You A Sense of Accomplishment

Chanel got a waiting list that nobody talks about. It is quite difficult to lay hands on the exact Chanel flap bag you need. For many customers, this can make their hunt more rewarding.

#8: You Will Always Find the Perfect Chanel Flap Bag

Colours of Chanel Flap Bags

Source: www.thehautecookie.com

There is a wide range of selection. The company is firing out more versions as more women are looking for Chanel flap bags. Every season, the designing team from Chanel pulls out tons of design suitable for every girl from the ultimate girly girl to the grunge goddess.

#9: Second-Hand Chanel Flap Bag Makes Owning It More Affordable

There can be a very useful vintage market established for all Chanel bags. These bags were around in other similar versions that are still available today. There’s probably a high-end consignment store in your area with some options, as well as online specialists like Heritage Auctions and ShopBop.

#10: You Are One of A Kind

Chanel flap bags are magic. It has been easy to be cynical when it comes to fashion, most especially when you are in the same industry but Chanel flap bags will make you feel different.


These are only some of the incredible reasons why you should buy the Chanel flap bag. If you feel like rewarding yourself for all the hard work, then look for your original flap bag from Chanel.

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