10 Shoes Every Woman Must Have in Her Collection

10 Shoes Every Woman Must Have in Her Collection

Getting Know the Shoes to Different Outfits and Occasions

If there is one thing that a woman that will not neglect is buying and collecting fashion shoes. There are women who have collection of the different kinds of shoes that they bought in different places and made in different materials and designs or styles.

Before planning to buy or collect pair of shoes you must also consider its use if it is appropriate to the weather or season of your place and also to the nature of the place where you are going to use it. Here are some of the 10 shoes that every woman must have in their collection.

#1: Black Pumps

Either in suede or leather, this is the kind of shoes that can be paired in any kind of outfit that you want to wear. It will make you appear sophisticated one instantly.

Try: Ezra by Zalora Pointed Toe D’Orsay

Ezra Pointed Toe

#2: Ankle-Strap Sandals

This is very common in women who want to make their legs longer and strengthened. It can also be paired in any kind of attire and outfit that you prefer.

Try: Zalora Strappy T-Bar Flat Sandals

Zalora Strappy T Bar Sandals

#3: Sleek Ankle Boots

This boots will add an edge to your look especially if you pair this to jeans and dresses. It will let you appear more different than before and can give you changes that can be easily recognized by anyone.

Try: Sidewalk Suede Lace Up Ankle Boots

 Sidewalk Suede Lace Up Ankle Boots

#4: Run-Around Shoe

Having this pair of shoes will allow you to move freely because it is just like the ballet flats that will give comfortable to your feet. If you prefer to use flats you can combine it with black any bright colours.

Try: Koumi Koumi Genevieve Ballerinas with Bow

 Koumi Koumi Genevieve Ballerinas with Bow

#5: Animal Printed Heels

Snakeskin and leopard print is the example of this. It is consider neutral if you mix this with the other colour. You can also combine it with black so that it will not over power its design.

Try: Sidewalk Basic Snakeskin Pump Heels

 Sidewalk Basic Snakeskin Pump Heels

#6: Metallic Heels

It is usually used in evening event or gathering because it will let you look elegant and decent but it is also good if you use this in daytime.

Try: Sidewalk Metallic Pointed Toe Heels

 Sidewalk Metallic Pointed Toe Heels

#7: Short-Stacked Heels

This pair of heels is great if you want to add a little bit of your height and you can use heels without any sacrificing your comfort if you are wearing flat, even though this is 90’s style it is a comeback that is included in today’s shoes fashion.

Try: Sidewalk Suede Pointy Toe Heels

 Sidewalk Suede Pointy Toe Heels

#8: Platform Wedges

Coming from the different styles and design that you can choose from, it will look you elegant and also can add an instant height for you.

Try: Zalora Wooden Platform Wedges

 Zalora Wooden Platform Wedges

#9: Sneakers

If you are looking for a shoe that is suit for your weekend, casual sneakers is the answer especially if you pair this with the dresses and jeans which are alike.

Try: Koumi Koumi Beni Denim Plimsolls

 Koumi Koumi Beni Denim Plimsolls

#10: Flat Sandals

Sandals are great when you pair it with cut-off shorts or any floral dress. It is also appropriate when it is summer season because you can pair this to anything that is being worn when it is summer.

Try: Le Sandee Metal Ring Sandals

 Le Sandee Metal Ring Sandals


If you prefer to have the shoes collection you must also consider if you appreciate its beauty and be sure that you are confident if you are wearing this because it can add to its beauty if you are confident enough to wear it and how you use this. These shoes are also great in any kind of occasion and places that you are going to attend and visit.

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