10 Tips to Store, Clean and Take Care of Your Branded Bag

10 Tips to Store, Clean and Take Care of Your Branded Bag

Learn How to Keep Your Favourite Branded Bag Looking New and Clean

If you have taken the time to invest in a luxury bag, then you will want to get the most out of your purchase. Learning how to store, clean and take care of your bag and proper bag cleaning can help you to sustain and grow your collection instead of losing a favorite bag to age and dust.

Tip 1: Use Clean Hands

Clean Hands

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The number one rule of caring for a branded handbag is to ALWAYS handle you bags with clean hands. While you may think that outside forces and factors are the cause of the damage to your precious handbag, the oils and dirt on your skin could be the biggest culprit.

Tip 2: Keep Everything That Came with the Bag

Duster Bag

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Never throw anything away, the stuffing, the duster bag and especially not the certificate of authenticity and a serial number. Stuffing of your bag once it is not in use will help the bag retain its shape and the duster bag will protect the outside of the bag. Your certificate of authenticity and serial number will be an asset to you when it comes to the repair and maintenance of your luxury bag.

Tip 3: Be Mindful of What You Keep in the Bag

Be careful what you place in your branded bag, while lotion, perfume, lipstick and eyeliner may be a standard component of any woman’s handbag they are apt to leave stains or cause damage to your branded bag, consider investing in a bag organizer or liner that will protect your bag.

Tip 4: Avoid Water and Chemicals

Waterproof Spray

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Be careful where you carry your designer bags on rainy days or to hairdressing salons are a definite no-no. Water and chemicals can shorten the lifespan of your bag. If you have to carry one to hair salons, make sure you store them in the lockers provided.

Tip 5: Clean Both Inside and Outside of the Bag

Proper bag care dictates that you clean your branded bags from the inside out. It is not uncommon for women to clean the outer shell of a branded bag to ensure that it looks authentic and new, and neglect to clean the inside lining which can trap dust dirt. Pull the lining out and utilize a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner when cleaning the inside of your branded bag.

Tip 6: Use Alcohol-Free Wipes

For cleaning the outside of your luxury bag, always utilize alcohol free wipes and use a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt. For more stubborn stains you can soak the stain in a little dish washing liquid and then remove traces of the soap from your hand bag with a damp cloth.

Tip 7: Keep Away from Damp Area

Store your branded bags in cool dry places, away from moisture. Always store your bags on the top shelf of your closet, and in an upright position.

Tip 8: Let Your Bag Breathe

If you have lost or thrown away your duster bag, ensure that the storage space of your branded bag is breathable. This is because airtight storage space will cause the leather to crack and age.

Tip 9: Keep Those Chains Away

Bags with Chains

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Chains can scratch the surface of your bag. Hence, these chains should be placed inside the bag while leather should be wrapped with thin paper before being placed inside the dust bag.

Tip 10: Let the Professionals Do Their Job

Not every maintenance job is a do-it-yourself project, some things will require professional skills, so always have the number of a leather expert on hand to deal with any major problem with your branded bag.

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Make sure you make an effort to keep your bag clean and new-looking so you do not have to constantly buy a new bag just because your old ones are dirty. By using those 10 tips to store, clean and take care of your branded bag, your bag will remain brand new for a very long time.

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