3 Tips to Shop for the Perfect Proposal Diamond Ring

3 Tips to Shop for the Perfect Proposal Diamond Ring

Say Yes, Say Yes!

The classic diamond engagement ring is composed of two parts – a setting and a diamond. To ensure that you get the best value, you need to find a proposal ring setting that she will love and then devote your budget to a certified and beautiful diamond ring.

How Much Should You Spend?

Keep in mind that shopping for an engagement ring is an emotional event as well as a purchase that could last a lifetime. Basically, the two-month salary is the starting point of your budget. However, regardless of the remainder of your budget, your primary concern must be the value and quality of the diamond ring.

Finding the Proposal Ring She’ll Love

Finding the kind of diamond ring that she will like is a tough challenge if you choose your proposal to be a secret. Here are some of the necessary points that you have to consider when shopping for a diamond ring.

  • Shape Selection – Typically, you have to choose a shape that you think fits her personality. A cushion cut diamond ring could be best for a romantic girl while a square cut diamond ring might be best for girls with an edgy fashion personality. Also, diamonds are available in a variety of shapes such as round brilliant, oval, pear and emerald. You can even find diamonds in specialty cuts.
Diamond Shapes

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  • The Final Cut – Regardless of the shape of the diamond, the cut quality greatly affects the value and beauty of the stone. A diamond that is well cut may appear larger or sparkle more than large diamonds that are poorly cut.
  • Consider Other Alternatives – There are times that diamonds are not the style of girls. If your girls do not go for diamonds, you can choose other alternatives such as rubies or sapphires. These stones are tough enough to handle daily wear.
  • Getting a Second Opinion – Although your jeweler told you that the diamond ring is the best value for your money, it’s to your advantage if you get a second opinion. Through this, you can get an objective analysis about the 4Cs of the diamond ring.

Choosing Your Jeweler

Aside from the variety, price and expertise, there are several guarantees and services that you should expect from your jeweler. Firstly, your jeweler must provide you with a diamond certificate. Also known as the diamond grading report, this certificate guarantees you that you are getting the finest quality of diamond ring.

The diamond proposal ring must be backed by a 30-day return policy. When making a huge purchase like this, make sure that you can return the ring if you need to for some unexpected reasons. After you have decided to purchase the ring, you would want to know what happens next. Your ring setting must be set by a master craftsman and reviewed multiple times to ensure quality. In addition, diamond rings come with appraisal and it’s to your advantage if you send the appraisal to your insurance company to get coverage. This will give you confidence to get an equal replacement in the event the ring is lost, damaged or stolen.


Don’t be such a muddle head while shopping for the diamond ring. Make sure you are smart enough to not get sweet-talked into buying something not so worthy of the price. For other useful tips, you can also read 8 Insider’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring.

Diamond Engagement Ring Tips

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