5 Minutes Morning Makeup Routine with Skin79

5 Minutes Morning Makeup Routine with Skin79

Now You Can Look Flawless in Just 5 Minutes

For the busy ladies out there: would you believe that you can look as effortless as the models in beauty campaign with makeup in less than 5 minutes? Trust me, you can do it if you know just the trick. Read on to know exactly how you can do just that with Skin79.

First things first, a proper way to organize your makeup stuff is a must or you’ll end up searching in critical minute, and you simply don’t want that. Simply take a few minutes during your free time and stack and save your makeup products accordingly (either based on colour or makeup types) so you can reach for it easily. There are plenty of ways and tips to get organized and you can look up online to get some ideas.

First: Concealer

Skin79 Complete Correct

A concealer is must in order to look as flawless as you can be, and you can do so with Skin79 Complete CC Cream Correct to reduce the redness and sallowness of your skin, restoring them to their youthful look. Apply a small amount after your skincare routine, and gently pat it on the troubled spot to blend into the skin.

Second: BB Cream

Skin79 Oriental Gold Plus

BB cream is a definite must have if you want to have a speedy makeup routine. A multipurpose skin care-makeup combo cream, you can have a plumped, moisturized and glowing skin in a matter of seconds! Choose the right BB cream according to your skin types such as Super Plus Triple Functions Vital BB Cream, The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream, and Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm.

Third: Eyeliner

Skin79 Kick It Side Monster Liner

An eyeliner is a must to add some definitions to your eyes. For a busy lady, use a waterproof, long lasting formula like Skin79 Kick It Side Monster Liner which is super pigmented and designed for easy use, within 30 seconds! The best part is it has the super waterproof formula which holds up against sweat and tears that makes it suitable for even the oiliest of eyelids.

Product Test: Koji & Skin79 Liquid Eyeliners

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Fourth: Blusher

Skin79 Oriental Gold Plus rosy tint

Add a little bit of definitions on the cheeks for a sculpted and polished look with the right use of blusher. And trust us, you can use the blusher on top of Skin79 The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream’s packaging. It does a great tinting job with it’s light rosy pink tint that complements well for your skin. Don’t forget to find out Why You Will Love the Skin79 Oriental Gold Plus too. It’s one of the Skin79 best selling BB cream after all!

Last: Lip Tint

Kick It Side Look For Me Tint

Complete your 5 minutes makeup routine with a lip colour. Skin79 Kick It Side Look For Me Tint is what you need as it have rich pigment and consistency yet lightweight as a lip gloss, as well as to keep your lips moisturized (no need for frequent touch ups!). It is available in two colours and each colour makes a statement to your makeup look. This glossy tint makes lips appear more vibrant and lustrous for truly kissable lips!


Now you have the handy tips within your hand, we can guarantee that your whole look will look as flawless as you can be in less than five minutes and all you need is just Skin79.

Fresh 5 Minutes Makeup

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