5 Tips for Online Grocery Shopping

5 Tips for Online Grocery Shopping

How to Be A Smart Online Grocery Shopper

The benefits of online shopping have come as a boon for most people, especially women who now make up a high percentage in the work force. Being a part of the work force keeps them busy for the entire week and with a weekend that is full of “things to do”, finding time for grocery shopping becomes really difficult. Online shopping has a number of benefits to offer and taking advantage of those benefits would help you get more out of your weekend as you are left with more time. Planning, listing and shopping for groceries is a time consuming process and therefore taking advantage of the benefits in the right manner and following some tips properly would go a long way in making the process simple. One famous groceries retailer that now offers online shopping to their consumers is Tesco.

Tesco Online Grocery Shopping

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Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping

  1. Mothers with young children can utilize the time spent on shopping to spend quality time with their children.
  2. Children would be more relaxed at home rather than having to be tagged along into a crowded supermarket.
  3. Offers and discounts are advertised on the websites making it easy to avail them when shopping thereby reducing your grocery bills. Some of the coupon codes and discount coupons made available to you through the manufacturers of the products can also be redeemed.
  4. Home delivery is a great factor in online shopping as the stores takes the responsibility of delivering your online grocery shopping home.
  5. Online shopping is not time specific so it is possible to shop whenever you want to.

Benefits of Online Shopping

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When planning to shop for groceries, a list must be made that suffices the needs for the week so time has to be taken out for listing the groceries needed.  Hence a lot of planning and updating goes into the making of the grocery shopping and to make things easier, a few tips as these would go a long way in making the entire process easy.

Tips to Improve Online Grocery Shopping Experiences

1) Listing

Prepare a list of two or three different kinds. Keep a list of all the items you are sure to need every week like milk and milk products, napkins and tissues. So you don’t need to list those things every week. The second list is semi- permanent as all the things will not be needed, so you can just tick the ones you need and order them. The third is the fresh list you need to make every week. This way approximately 50-60% of your shopping is already listed. You can search for printable grocery lists online to make categorizing easier.

Grocery List

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2) Remains of Previous Week

Check out the items that you have remaining from last week like cereals, biscuits and other items. This would avoid repeating your shopping.

3) Compare Prices

You can visit different online stores such as PricePanda, Lazada and Voucha and compare the coupons, discounts and other offers.

4) First Week Shopping

If you are shopping in the first week of the month, it would be a good idea to buy a bigger pack that always is of better value and cheaper than buying it separately. Especially if it is an item you are likely to need for the entire month.

5) Bulking

You can opt to buy things in bulk where buying them in a very large quality. If you are fortunate, you can get the wholesaler price and save even more! However, choose to buy things that can last long and do not have an expiry date for example shampoo, soap, tissue paper and toothbrushes. Dry goods are another good choice to buy in bulk as things such as oat, pasta, dried fruits and flour are usually more expensive if bought in smaller quantities. Not only you can save more in bulking, you can help save the Earth as there will be lesser waste produced.

Bulk Shopping

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Online grocery shopping is a wonderful experience that provides you the fun of shopping as well as saves you the time and money needed. As great as it sounds, being judicious and prudent during shopping would benefit a shopper even more. To learn how to be more vigilant and have a better online shopping experience, you can read our article on 4 Awesome Online Shopping Tips to Get Best Value for Money.




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