5 Tips to Dress Up a Plain White T-Shirt

5 Tips to Dress Up a Plain White T-Shirt

Simplicity is the Keynote of All True Elegance

There are a few items of clothing that everyone should have in their collection. A little black dress and a plain white t-shirt may seem somewhat bland in the grand scheme of things, but the fact is that both can be dressed up to look a whole lot more exciting than what they really are. The plain white t-shirt is a perfect example, as it can be taken from casual to chic with just a few simple additions, none of which have to stretch the budget. Read on to get a few fashion tips that will help make your white t-shirts look anything but plain.

Style 1: Style it with Accessories

White Top with Accessories

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Perhaps the easiest of all the style tips contained here is the use of bold accessories to spice up the white. A great looking necklace or a bright, colorful brooch can add a splash of flair to the otherwise bland expanse of white created by your t-shirt. Since this style of shirt is almost causal by default, you can use costume jewelry to keep the causal tone yet still make the whole thing look a little more dressed up.

We love: Sze Accessories which features different types of gem and embellishments. You can definitely spice up your plain white t-shirt with its edgy and stylish necklaces.

Style 2: Match with Something Bold

White Top with Bold Bottom

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Just as you would use jewelry to draw the eye away from the plainness of the white t-short, the same effect can be had by getting a little flashier in the bottom half of your outfit. The fact is that white t-shirt pretty much goes with anything, which means that colorful prints and bold patterns will not in any way clash with your top. Going with something a little dressier on the bottom also creates the effect of the white t-shirt somehow not being quite so casual. You really can change the perception of the top by dressing up the bottom.

We love: Mango skirts that features floral design as well as eye-catching print which gives your white t-shirt a fun appeal. We also love how Mango’s skirt pattern print design comes with sequin and bead detailing that is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Style 3: Top it with Outerwear

White Top with Outerwear

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Speaking of patterns and prints, you can dress up the shirt by putting something else over top. A great looking patterned jacket or with a great print blazer can help dress things up a little, too. Creating layers using these different styles is a truly effective way to make the white of the t-shirt pop and not seem so plain.

We love: EZRA by Zalora outerwear that has a wide range from leather jacket, cardigan, kimono to tweed blazer. You can complete your casual or formal attire on a high note with these stylish outerwear over your plain white t-shirt.

The white t-shirt can also be worn under a cute little summer dress once the fall months start to creep in, or perhaps under a brightly colored dress shirt to mute the color just a little.

Style 4: Add Something On It

White Top with Scarf

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One element of a plain white t-shirt that many women don’t think of is the versatility that it can bring to the table. There are all sorts of different things you can do to a t-shirt, particularly if it’s of the oversized variety. You can add a belt to create a tunic style dress or perhaps a scarf.

We love: Dandelion scarves which features stylish printed designs and vibrant colours. Simply wrap up your plain white t-shirt with the scarf for an added tinge of print to your look!

Style 5: Do-It-Yourself

If you are handy with arts and crafts, you can even cut the collar to create a whole new look! There are all kinds of great adornments that can be added to make an old plain white t-shirt come back to life again. Think of the shirt as a blank canvas and allow your creativity to fly free.

DIY T-Shirt Ideas Inspired By Tumblr | Easy & Cute Shirts For Summer

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Even though white t-shirts may look boring, you should not let yourself drown in it. Bring out your creativity and imagination to lit up the whole look!

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