5 Top Daigou Websites to Purchase Online from Taobao China

5 Top Daigou Websites to Purchase Online from Taobao China

Find the Perfect Daigou Website to Shop from Taobao China

The online business in China is starting to prosper. Daigou websites are starting to make waves among consumers looking for products from China. Daigou means buying on behalf of. Therefore, Daigou website basically allows consumers to purchase goods from overseas. Consumers can just indicate what they want and the Daigou agents would purchase the product overseas. They will then deliver the products back to the consumers’ country.

Daigou websites in China started when consumers can’t buy luxury items because they are too expensive due to the country’s custom taxes. But when China started closing the policy loopholes that made the business lucrative, another version of the business model emerged. Instead of Mainland Chinese buying goods from overseas, the new version allows consumers buy products from China while they are abroad.

This Daigou concept has attracted many overseas Chinese as well as the local residents who are into bargain buys due to the low China’s currency exchange. A multitude of such Daigou websites has arisen in Singapore, Malaysia, and the rest of Asia countries. Here are the 5 top Daigou China websites that cater to consumers across the globe with great customers’ feedback so you can shop at ease.

#1: 65daigou.com


Source: 65daigou.wordpress.com

65daigou.com sells good from China to consumers from Singapore and Malaysia. The service allows consumers buy from China Taobao and other Chinese e-commerce websites. The site has its own e-commerce website that Daigou for Taiwanese products too. Shopping also has been made easier as 65daigou.com now has its own apps on iTunes and Google Play.

#2: Stylegou.com


Stylegou.com provides a shopping platform for overseas Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia. They provide an online business experience for consumers who are looking for goods that are not found in local stores. They provide delivery to the consumer’s doorsteps within three working days. They provide refunds and have a customer support team on standby to answer concerns from customers.

#3: Wiwaa.com


Source: wiwaa.com

Wiwaa.com was founded in 2011 for online shoppers of Malaysia to purchase goods from Taobao and TMall in China. Taobao shoppers can shop easily by just copying the product links; insert onto wiwaa.com and their Daigou agents will do the rest. They offer many local banks payment as well as accept all major credit cards and PayPal for fast transactions.

#4: 007daigou.com


Source: www.webutations.info

007daigou.com is an online business that provides a one-stop-shopping service for consumers who are looking for goods from China Taobao. They ensure that the products are of high quality and allow consumers to return products that are not at par when it comes to quality. They accept all types of payment methods that are safe and secure. People can use the service to start their own e-commerce website.

#5: 51daigou.com


Source: 51daigou.com

51daigou.com not only allows global consumers to buy from Taobao China but also provide services to purchase from Yahoo Japan. The e-commerce website was founded in 2005 as a platform to allow overseas Chinese to purchase Japan and Chinese goods no matter where they are in the world.


With Daigou website services, you do not need to have a Bank of China card or to exchange foreign currency in order to buy from Taobao China. Variety and affordable products are now within your reach no matter where are you in the world. In the past, companies meet up with the customer to deliver the products. Now they provide delivery services that are more convenient to the consumers. Daigou websites have also allowed enterprising individuals to start an online business that sells products from Taobao China.

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