6 Fashion Tips to Shop for the Best Dress for Your Body Type

6 Fashion Tips to Shop for the Best Dress for Your Body Type

Embrace your Body Shape, You Are Sexy!

Are you a fashionista by heart? Someone you wants to look stunning and a head turner while walking down the street or in an establishment? Whatever your reasons for being a fashionista, you do admit that sometimes you also have a hard time doing shopping for best dresses that will suit your body right? Because there are times that you feel you gain weight, your arms are getting big or you tummy’s getting bloated. But don’t fret, as you can still dress to kill even if you are curvy! Check out how here – 4 Celeb’s Style to Steal on How to Dress Slimmer.

Have you ever felt this way? Don’t worry because that problem is now solved. Here are some fashion tips you can follow if you are to shop for a dress perfect for your body’s specific shape and size; dresses which are hip and body accentuating but still comfortable to wear:

Dress Tip 1 – If you need to hide your tummy

Dress to Hide Tummy

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If you are worried, you feel fat or that your tummy is getting bloated, choose to shop for a dress that has a drawstring detail that will definitely suit the size of your stomach or a dress with a cinching to push your stomach in. You can also shop for a belt to complement your dress, however just be aware of their thinness and thickness as well as their color because wide and high contrast colored belts will only display your stomach in the most awful way and will literally chop you in half. It is advisable that your belt is the same color as your dress. You can also wear dresses with top ornamentation like flap pockets to de-emphasize your middle or neck accessories to focus people’s attention to your face more than your tummy.

Dress Tip 2 - If you like to have a better bust

Dress for Small Bust

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These are for people who unfortunately blessed with a not so well shaped bust or literally tiny bust.  If you want to shop for a dress that will accentuate your bust or to make it a little bigger, shop for a  dress with added embellishments like epaulettes, patch pockets, stripped belt, or roll-up sleeves.  Also think of ruffled, pleated or with bold pattern styled dresses. You can also pick for a dress with a crossover neckline for it will surely your decolletage.

Dress Tip 3 – If you are having a thick middle

Dress for Thick Middle

Source: www.goodhousekeeping.com

There is a misconception that you should avoid wearing printed dresses if you have a thick middle. But this is definitely wrong. If you have a thick middle, you can opt for printed dresses like zebra styled dresses because printed dresses will visually whittle your waist with its pattern positioned.  In addition, you can choose for dresses with heavier woven and crisp cotton for this will definitely hide for thick middle.

Dress Tip 4 – If you think you are over-all big

print wrap dress for plus size

Source: http://www.asimplehive.com/

Choose to shop for a subtle shaping dress and not the loose ones for it will make you even bigger. Also better to opt for dresses with complex prints to drop your protruding pounds. A print wrap dress works perfectly for fuller body as it slims down your body width and gives you a shaper body look.

Dress Tip 5 – If you have full hips

Dress for Pear Shape and Big Hips

Source: http://www.amazon.com/

If you have big hips, never wear dark colored tops for it will only emphasize your lower torso. Never also buy a dress with bulky side pockets. Instead shop for dresses with top-to-toe colors to give your body a leaner figure. Asymmetrical hem dress is absolutely great for full hips figure as it streams down the pear shaped body figure.

Dress Tip 6 – If you have profound arms

Quarter Sleeve Dress for Fuller Arms

Source: http://www.womendresstyle.com/

If you noticed your arms are getting heavier, for sure, it is also getting bigger. So for bigger arms, you can hide these by shopping for three-quarter sleeved dresses. Never wear cap sleeves, for it will emphasize your arms’ heavy parts. 


There are online shops that provide online fashion. They do not only provide simple-made products but well-designed dress with the right colors and prints that will flatter your body size and shape so that you can look at your best every day. Discover these shops now online to have an exciting new way of discovering where to buy dresses to be able to achieve your fashionista look.


Style Tips: How to Choose a Dress that Fits Your Body Type

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