7 Easy Steps of Men Skin Care Routine

7 Easy Steps of Men Skin Care Routine

Men’s Grooming, Men’s Skin Care, Men’s Skin Health – Something Every Man Should Know

As we all know, it’s far more common to find men who are more willing to look after themselves and go that extra mile to maintain their appearance. After all, not every man is happy to be the rugged older gentleman with battle scars and weary face full of experience!

Men’s grooming has become far more common than it used to be, and with the emphasis on fashion and maintaining a professional, cool appearance rather than looking as scary as you possibly can it’s not surprising to see men’s skin health being a far more common topic of conversation for many men.

Of course, not everybody is quite so into the idea of this type of men skin care regimens. However, it’s important that you look after yourself because if you don’t take the chance now, you’ll regret it later in life! Try and make sure that you:

Step 1: Cleanse Your Skin

Cleansers are very important parts of men skincare in the modern environment, so be sure to get yourself a cleanser. It helps remove excess oils from your skin, and also helps prepare your skin for any upcoming treatments you might consider getting.

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Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

Special Cleansing Gel

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Step 2: Shave!

Shaving is the most important part when it comes to men skincare routine. While most men enjoy a little bit of stubble or even a full-on beard, a lot of men don’t shave because they don’t appreciate the irritation it can cause. This tends to come from using cheaper products that aren’t up to standard-  it’s worth spending a bit more to get something that leaves your skin feeling fine, not rough.

Step 3: Use Toners

The stress of the working life can leave your skin looking a little bit exhausted at times. It’s important to make sure that you use toners post-shave and post-cleanse to get the entire excess residue left over and leave your skin feeling clean and healthy.

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Living Proof Multi-Action Cell Treatment Toner

Step 4: Exfoliate Regularly

Skin exfoliation is not just for models – it’s for everybody especially in men skincare regime. Men actually have a thicker skin growth rate than women, so exfoliation is actually more important for males. It allows a healthier look and feel, and creates a more penetrative finish that will allow for other treatments to shine through.

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Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant

Winter Wonder Nourishing Night Time Routine

Source: Hannah Georgina @ Youtube

Step 5: Moisturizing is the Key

Using moisturizer should be near the top of your things to do list if you are looking for proper men’s skin health in the future. Hydrated skin looks and feels better, and for good reason. Not only will moisturizers help fight off any pigmentation; it will help combat the dreaded signs of aging that can be the bane of many a man!

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Step 6: Protect Your Skin

Sun block is also a part of men skincare regime. You should always be wearing sun block of some kind if you spend much time at all in the sun. Doing otherwise can be a potentially dangerous move down the line, with hyperpigmentation just one of the potential dangers that can come out of not protecting yourself.

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Step 7: Treat Yourself

Using the right ingredients to match your lifestyle should be very important to you. For example, do you use things like vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep yourself feeling bright and sharp? This will have a considerable knock-on effect on your overall health, and you will start to show it in the face and in your skin in general!


As you can see, men skin care is not something that should be such a drastic concern to you – it’s not exactly rocket science! Follow these simple tips above and pay a little bit more care and attention than you have in the past and big differences are very easy to come by soon enough.

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