7 Must Follow Fashion Rules for Every Petite Girl

7 Must Follow Fashion Rules for Every Petite Girl

Life is Too Short For You to Not Look Good

Part of feeling great means looking great! When you want that one accessory or article of clothing and you just can’t find it, a day feels like it is ruined before it begins. Before giving up, these 7 fashion styling tips can help every petite girl find their swagger back, no matter what obstacles stand in their way. Are you ready to conquer your day?

#1. Put On the 6 Inch Heels

6 Inch Heels

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Although there’s nothing wrong with being petite, being a little taller can give you a lot of extra confidence. The six inch heels might be a little uncomfortable, but you’ll be able to dominate your day when those heels are on! Look for shoes that complement the remainder of your outfit, for petite fashion that includes nude colored shoes can help to add dimension to the height of the heels.

We love: Vincci sexy high heels that not only add few inches on your height but also give you more slender features!

How to : Walk in 6 Inch Heels

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#2. Thin Belts are the Best

Thin Belts

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Fashion tips that include belts are hot this season, but don’t just settle for any belt. Thin belts work better for petite fashion because they won’t dominate your waist. The same rule applies to the belt buckles that you wear as well. Thin is better because a big buckle will make you look bulky.

We love: Something Borrowed slim belts that offers different styles which helps to create a slim waistline and a more feminine appeal to your look.

#3. Always Go With Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

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Straight leg pants are perfect for petite fashion because they help to accentuate your legs. Skinny jeans do this the best because they give people the illusion of having legs a mile long, especially when you combine the six inch heals with them. Add in your personal style and flair to these pants and you’ll be able to rock your style every day of the week!

We love: Mango slim fit jeans which feature variety style of waistline cut from the mid-rise to high-raise jeans and are super comfortable for casual wear.

#4. Utilize the V-Neck Approach

V Neck

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One of the best fashion tips for petite women is to utilize the classic V-neck design for your shirt. Not only will they add a sense of sexiness to your look as the collar takes the plunge past your neck, but they’ll also make your neck look longer and sleeker.

We love: Nichii clothing that has a wide range of tops and stylish dresses with V-neck line that makes an illusion of an overall taller figure look.

#5. Who loves Short Shorts?


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You should love short shorts! Not only are they a completely practical item of clothing to wear, but they’ll help to show off your legs in a flattering way. Styling tips for short shorts must include them being tight fitting as longer, looser shorts will work against your height and make you look bulky.

We love: EZRA flat front shorts with different print styles and texture that liven up the whole look even when you pair it with a white tank top!

#6. Mini-skirts are a Must

Mini Skirt

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Just like short shorts are practical, mini-skirts are practical as well. Skirts that fall down below the knee tend to overwhelm petite fashion, so look for above the knee skirts that work with your flirty, fun side. You’ll feel confident, you’ll look super sexy, and your legs will definitely get some attention!

We love: Kei & Kori skirts that offer flattering cut and designs which is ideal for different occasion wears.

#7. Stay Away From Horizontal Stripes

Wearing stripes is almost always included in today’s fashion tips, but avoid horizontal stripes for petite fashion. They’ll make you look bulky, even if you’re wearing form-fitting clothing. Go with vertical stripes instead because they will elongate your look and give your fashion the push that is needed to conquer the most difficult of days.


Don’t let your height take you away from looking good. Bring out the fashionista in you and start finding the fashion style that suits you most!

Dress Up Tips for Petite Ladies – Tricia Ong

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