7 Ways to Have Younger Looking Eyes

7 Ways to Have Younger Looking Eyes

Sometimes, The Eyes Can Say More Than The Mouth

Dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet are some of the things that make our eyes look older than they really are. The good news is that you can take some beauty steps and change the way your eyes look! With these simple tricks you can have younger looking eyes in the shortest time!

Learn to Love Your Eyes with These Tips

Tip 1: Eye Serum

Those affected by crow’s feet will be surprised that there is a way to prevent and heal them. For example, applying SPF 45 every day on your skin and wearing quality sunglasses on sunny days can protect your skin. A simple cream that contains hyaluronic acid or dimethicone will help you fill the crow’s feet to achieve younger looking eyes. Just make sure you are not using one that can cause redness or irritation if your skin is sensitive.

Must try: DERMALOGICA Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum

 Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum

Tip 2: Eye Patches

The skin around the eyes tends to go down with the process of aging. Some factors can speed up this process but some beauty products can help you lift the eyes. There are certain laser treatments (like Fraxel treatments) for younger looking eyes that have proven to be really effective. You can also use some other forms of surgery. If you are not a big fan of surgeries you can try some hydro gel eye patches like Berrisom. This hydro gel eye patch is based on placenta of pregnant mammals. Thanks to the amino acids and proteins found in it, Berissom can act as a powerful beauty product that can rejuvenate the skin around your eyes.

Must Try: BERRISOM Placenta Firming Hydro Gel Eye Patch

 Berrisom Placenta Firming Hydro Gel Eye Patch

Tip 3: Tea Bag Eye Mask

Dark circles can be really annoying but a simple change in your sleep habit can result in excellent results. Try to sleep more and avoid rubbing your eyes. If you need a quick eye recharge, soak your tea bags for few seconds, take it out and place it in the fridge for half hour. Put this chilled tea bags on your eyes area to help shrink your blood vessels and awake your tired eyes. And voila, you have younger looking eyes now! If you do not want to waste your tea bags, try using cloth wipes instead!

DIY Aloe Vera & Green Tea Eye Mask | Quick n Easy Tutorial

Source: MissShiree @ Youtube

Tip 4: Eye Cream

Vitamin C has proven to be really useful when it comes to dark circles. You should not only enrich your diet with more vitamin C but you should also use creams that contain vitamin C and apply it on the affected areas. Creams that combine vitamin C and Retinol can provide even better results for younger looking eyes.

Must try: DEOPROCE Green Tea Essence Moisture Eye Cream

 Deoproce Green Tea Essence Moisture Eye Cream

Tip 5: Under-Eye Roller

Under-eye roller treatments can be very useful in cases of puffiness while massaging away the unsightly wrinkles. Eye rollers like Dr. Spot Clear Don’t Worry Wrinkle provides relatively fast results in people with different types of skin. Creams that contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients can be very useful in cases like these. In addition, try to avoid salty food.

 Must Try: SKIN&LAB Dr. Spot Clear Don’t Worry Wrinkle

 Skin&Lab Dr Spot Clear Dont Worry Wrinkle

Tip 6: Use A Teaspoon

Sometimes very simple methods can be the best beauty routines to achieve younger looking eyes. For example, a teaspoon soaked in ice water can be really helpful for puffy eyes. Press the back of the spoon against the affected area gently and the puffiness will be decreased only after a minute.

3 Beauty Tips with A Spoon

Source: Michelle Phan @ Youtube

Tip 7: Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is one of those herbs that can be used both externally and internally. Place a tube of Aloe Vera in the refrigerator. Take it out and leave it for around 10 minutes at room temperature. Use the tube to massage the area under your eyes in order to reduce swelling and remove puffiness. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties too which is important in achieving younger looking eyes.

Must try: SKIN79 Aloe Aqua Soothing Gel

Skin79 Aloe Aqua Soothing Gel


Eyes are the window to your soul! Younger looking eyes will enable you to captivate others’ heart in the easiest way and those attractive eyes will leave a deep impression in everyone’s mind.

Tricks to Make Eyes Look Younger | Makeup Tips | Beauty How To

Source: POPSugar Beauty @ Youtube

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