9 Must-Have Skirt Styles to Add To Your Wardrobe

9 Must-Have Skirt Styles to Add To Your Wardrobe

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If you enjoy wearing the latest trends, and dressing like your celebrity you can do so without breaking the bank. Skirts are great way to increase your wardrobe options stay trending and dress like the best dressed celebrities for less than you might expect. If you are looking for some great fashion tips then here is one that worth following: Dressing like a celebrity is more about choosing the right styles then the right brand names. So with style in mind, here is a look at 9 must have skirts styles for you to add to your wardrobe.

1. High-Waisted

High Waisted Skirt

Source: womenworld.org

Celebrities around the globe are catching attention when they wear high waisted skirts. These skirts are neat looking, can be dressed up or dressed down and come in a variety of different lengths and combined with other styles. A shorter high waisted skirt in a bright color or floral print is perfect for summer. Solid colored high waisted ones made of heavier material and matched with a hip length or short jacket makes for stylish winter wear. You can team this with a tee for a more casual look, or with a nice looking blouse for work or a more formal look.

Try: Vero Moda Isadora High Waist Short Skirt

Vero Moda Isadora

2. A line

A Line Skirt

Source: www.our-dress.com

Every woman should have a A line skirt in her wardrobe. This style makes the waist and hips look smaller and gives a nice line to a less than perfect body. Women with larger hips and a small waist can make good use of this skirt as it draws attention to the waist line.

Try: Ezra by Zalora A Line Skirt

Ezra A Line Skirt

3. Circle

Circle Skirt

Source: missrichfashion.blogspot.com

Circle skirts became popular in the 1950s with the poodle skirts getting a lot of attention. However, the style remains trendy today and it can be appropriate for both day and night time wear. It is also extremely comfortable  as it provides a lot of room for a woman to move.

Try: Ezra by Zalora Midi Circle Skirt with Mesh Insert Skirt

Ezra Circle Skirt

4. Maxi

Maxi Skirts

Source: www.trendhungry.com

Today’s maxi are made from great prints and materials and can add a bit of extra flash to your wardrobe. However, unless you want to look as though you stepped back into the 70s you are going to want to team today’s maxi with the right accessories such as a cute T and pair of flat sandals.

Try: Ezra by Zalora Maxi Skirt

Ezra Maxi Skirt

5. Midi

Midi Skirts

Source: scene.sg

Midi skirts are those that fall below the knee usually to mid-calf or a little longer. They are comfortable and allow you a lot of versatility. You can wear these skirts with boots, or try a pair of sandals that wrap up the calf.

Try: Frangipani Closet Audrey Classic Skirt

Frangipani Closet

6. Mini

Mini Skirt

Source: www.sheknows.com

Can be worn for a day of shopping, a night at the club or even a formal occasion. If you are one of those people who look great in a feather skirt, a feather mini one teamed with a cute silk top can really set a fashion statement.

Try: Miss Chase Ooh La Lacy Bodycon Skirt

Miss Chase Ooh La Lacy

7. Pencil

Pencil Skirt

Source: www.sheknows.com

The rather severe style of a pencil skirt makes it the ideal office to drinks or dinners. Paired with a matching jacket and a nice blouse, this style of skirt looks businesses and impressive. Matched with a shirt of the same color and material, a nice belt and the right jewelry it makes a great outfit for drinks or a dinner with friends.

Try: River Island Floral Lace Pencil Skirt

River Island Floral Lace Pencil Skirt

8. Pleated

Pleated Skirt

Source: weheartit.com

Pleated skirts are fun and a bit flirty. Matching a pleated skirt with a nice knit sweater makes for a great daytime look.

Try: Something Borrowed Pleated Mini Skirt

Something Borrowed Pleated Mini Skirt

9. Side Slit

Side Slit Skirt

Source: www.thatspoint.com

A skirt with a small or long side slit allows you show off your legs and can provide you with a dressy look for those more formal occasions.

Try: Mango Slit Long Skirt

Mango Slit Long Skirt


When looking for any of these skirt styles to add to wardrobe, remember to look for those great sales and that shopping online often allows you a wider variety of lengths, styles, and colors than you will find in most brick and mortar stores.

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