9 Not-To-Miss Tips in Fashion Online Shopping

9 Not-To-Miss Tips in Fashion Online Shopping

What to Take Note of to Have A Pleasant Online Shopping Experience

Fashion online shopping is the popular thing now. You can browse those clothes and then click it to your shopping cart and wait for a few days to arrive at your doorstep. But along with the comfort, accessibility and trendiness that fashion online shopping brings, it can also lead to a few disappointments. One of them is the famous complaint of customers: wrong garment size. To avoid the disappointment and stress, here 9 tips for you to know and follow in online shopping for fashion clothing.

1. Read the fit notes.


Source: www.sunheartclothing.com

Most online shopping fashion store owners are aware of the wrong size issue among their customers; they add elaborate fit details that describe both the models stats and the item as well. This is important for you to take note of in order to visualize whether the garment fits you and looks good on your body type.

2. Order multiple sizes for one item.

Do this ONLY if the online shopping store offers free shipping. Purchasing multiple sizes will ensure you that you get the right size for you. Although the return process of the other sizes that don’t fit can a bit of hassle for you.

3. Purchase only garments with seams the complement your body.

During your fashion online shopping, check out the seams and cuts of item before you click the buy button. You are wasting money if you buy clothes that look good on others but give you a bad shape.

4. Remember: thicker fabrics for fitted ones, thinner fabrics for loose ones.

Avoid buying fitted clothes with thin fabrics through online store. You don’t want to wear something that will give people an x-ray vision of your underwear.

5. Buy a pair of sunglasses that goes well with your face shape.

No one can go wrong with a chic pair of sunglasses. Well, just make sure you buy the right frame! Usually, online stores provide pictures of their sunglasses worn by models. You can pick the one that is right for your shape.

The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Source: Jalisasfashionfiles @ Youtube

6. Look for items that can be adjusted.

Since fitting issues are a source of most disappointment of customers in online shopping, opt for items that can be adjusted so that you don’t have to worry about returning them if they don’t fit you. Some fashion online shopping websites offers free return services such as Zalora where you do not need to worry on getting the wrong size. Just make sure that you record down the correct sizes you got in the end to ease your future online shopping experiences!

7. Don’t gamble with sized-up clothes.

If you think a loose blouse will still look good on you, think again. It is still better if you stick with your normal body size. Some people cannot whip loose garments like models. Do not gamble on this or you’ll end up wasting your money.

8. Pick dresses that hug your body type.

First thing first, know your body type. It is better if you know which category you fall in. Are you the thin, lanky type? Go for clothes that do not make you gawky and extra lengthy. If you are the curvy type, opt for clothes that have built-in waists to accentuate your curves. If you cannot figure out your body type, ask experts or a big good luck on that.

How to Determine Your Body Type

Source: Jalisasfashionfiles @ Youtube

9. Tell it to the tailor. Or be the tailor.

When you found your favorite fashion piece through online shopping and you know that even the nearest size could not fit you nicely, get the tailor! If your purchased item needs to be repaired to perfectly fit you, you may ask a tailor to do the task. But that means additional expenses. It is better if you can sew and repair it yourself.


Follow these tips and you are on for a happier fashion online shopping experience!

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