A Glance into the 4Cs of Diamond Rings

A Glance into the 4Cs of Diamond Rings

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Buying a wedding ring can be a scary business. Therefore, you need to make sure that you know almost everything about how diamonds are classified before making your purchase. Before making a huge purchase like this, you need to know as much as possible about the 4Cs of diamond rings – cut, color, clarity and carat-weight. Here is a glance into what exactly the 4Cs of diamond rings mean:



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The cut of a diamond ring is more likely about the proportions of the stone rather than its shape. Every diamond ring, regardless of the shape, gets its scintillation and brilliancy from cutting as well as polishing the facets. A well cut diamond ring can shine brilliantly and look huge as it allows maximum amount of light to enter from the top and be dispersed back to the top.

If the facets of the diamond are correctly cut, a large amount of light will enter the stone and be dispersed properly back to the top facets of the stone. But, if the stone is cut too deep or too shallow, the light that enters from the top is dispersed at the bottom of the stone and the maximum beauty of the ring is not realized.



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Diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. But, most people are concerned about white diamonds. The color of diamonds range from D to Z. D means colorless and Z means light yellow diamonds. No color diamonds have the highest value and quality. Colorless diamonds allow light to pass through it and be dispersed like the color of rainbow. The differences on colors of diamonds are subtle. Well, basically only trained or experienced eyes can determine the color grade of this stone at a glance.



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Diamonds clarity can be determined by the blemishes or flaws and their amount and location. The flaws or blemishes can be determined when the stone is viewed under the 10 power magnification. The clarity grades of diamonds are rated from flawless to imperfect 3. Also, most diamonds have tiny birthmarks or inclusions. Inclusion/s on the stone can interfere with the light that passes through the stone. If you are planning to buy a diamond ring for proposal or wedding, see to it that you purchase the stone with fewer inclusions. A diamond is capable of producing more brilliance compared to other gemstones. Diamonds that are free from surface blemishes and inclusions are rare, but have high value.


Carat Weight

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Like gold and other gemstones, the weight of a diamond is measured in carats. Diamonds are broken down into carats and points. 100 points = 1.00 carat (like the US currency system). A diamond with high carat weight has high price value and as the carat-weight increases, its value and rarity also increase. Unlike the carat weight of other gemstones, the carat weight of a diamonds is probably the easiest means of measurement to determine.

However, two diamonds that are equal in carat-weight can differ in value significantly due to clarity, color and cut. Thus, you should care more about how a diamond looks than what it weighs. When you purchase a diamond ring, you definitely want to pay for what makes a diamond beautiful, not just adds extra weight.


Make sure that you consider these 4Cs when purchasing a diamond ring. Keep in mind that you should not rush and take ample time in evaluating the diamond gemstone that you prefer. The time you spend in evaluating diamond rings can bring you and your bride-to-be lifetime happiness, satisfaction and pleasure.


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