Body Slimming Workout for Bride-To-Be

Body Slimming Workout for Bride-To-Be

Look Your Very Best on Your Big Day!

To prepare everything for your wedding can bring mixed emotions to you; of course, you are quite excited for that day but you also feel worried because of your body. It is just a month or two before your wedding day and you are still worrying about your tummy. Nobody wants to walk in the aisle wearing her dress and her belly fat catches the attention of everyone, right?

You still have enough time to prepare everything especially yourself. Don’t let your belly fat ruin the most special moment of your life! Follow this workout and body slimming routine and rest assured that you will be few steps closer to your dream.




Workout – Start your day with a workout. Go outside for a jog or run. Start by walking for at least five minutes then jog at a steady speed level for at least 20 minutes. Pause and start walking for additional 5 minutes.

Lifestyle Tip – Your diet must be free of processed foods or starchy carbohydrate-rich goods. You should have lean meat, fresh veggies and fish.


Workout – Your workout for this day involves performing squats for 20 times. Bend over your knees until your knees level with your hips then rise up slowly. It should be followed by alternating lunge that you should perform for at least 20 times. Step forward your one leg then bend your knees up to 90 degrees. Repeat these steps for 10 times on each of your legs. After lunges, you must start making modified press-ups for 20 times. You should check your alignment and see to it that your shoulders are over your wrist while your body is in a straight line. If possible, you may lift up on your toes.

You proceed to wide squat and perform it for at least 20 times. Perform squats same as before but your feet should be wider apart from each other. The last one is to plank for 30 seconds. Lean your pelvis and make your abdomen contracted to avoid your bottom from sticking up or sagging. Repeat all of these for many times as you can in twenty minutes.

Torch Fat, Plank & Squat – 10 Minutes Beginner Workout

Source: GymRa @ Youtube

Lifestyle Tip – Aside from eating more veggies, you should increase your consumption of fresh fruits, seeds and nuts.


Workout – It is your rest day but, you should try to walk and maintain your activeness.

Lifestyle Tip – Sleep plays a crucial role in weight loss and for fast recovery of your body from the previous days you spent for workouts. You should do your best to sleep for at least eight hours for 4 to 5 nights every week if possible, sleep from 10 PM to 6 AM.


Workout – Go outside and have your interval training session. Walk for 5 minutes to prepare your body then sprint from a lamppost to another. Walk going to the succeeding lamppost then repeat for twenty minutes. Follow it with another walk for 5 minutes to rest and cool down.

Lifestyle Tip – You should try to drink at least a liter of water for every 20 kilogram of body weight. If you are in need of some caffeine burst, you may take black tea or coffee before noon only.


Workout – For this day, your workout will be called weighted circuit. You should perform these while wearing a backpack full of weights or tins to challenge yourself.

Start by squatting with your backpack at your back for 20 times. Perform alternating lunge while you hold the backpack for 20 times. Perform 10 lunges in each of your legs. Add a leap between your lunges for a more challenge. Perform modified press-up for 20 times and go on your toes if you can. Perform sit-ups for 20 times and have a wide squat while you hold your backpack for 20 times. Follow it with a plank for 30 seconds. Start from the beginning all over again for 20 minutes.

BeFit Go: Body Sculpt & Fat Burn 20 Minutes Circuit Training Workout

Source: BeFit @ Youtube

Lifestyle Tip – Spare yourself from drinking alcohol. Avoid any other caloric drinks to avoid weight gain.


Marriage is once in a lifetime. Every bride would want to keep in their best state for the very special day with V-shape face, fit body and natural beauty which is indeed irresistible. We suggest incorporating trusted slimming products into your workout routine for best results. ‘Sudden Weekly me!‘, a Hong Kong magazine editorial recommended 2B Into Arm & Body and 2B For Face for you to get ready for wedding.

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