eGarden – The Malaysia’s First Virtual Online Shopping Mall

eGarden – The Malaysia’s First Virtual Online Shopping Mall

Shopping Has Never Been This Easy with eGarden!

Do you want to experience a different way of shopping? You don’t have to carry heavy carts for the products you bought. You don’t have to roam around the mall just to look for the item you want to buy. And because of the newly established computer-generated online shopping mall in Malaysia, you will just stand in front of the eGarden’s directory machine, use your fingertips or mouse and start selecting for the product you want.

How eGarden Changes Your Lifestyle?


eGarden provides you with convenience if you want to shop online at their store. This is the only online shopping mall that has a store directory and floor plan. Each floor plan has different items to look for. You will be guided by the eGarden’s store directory for easy and convenient online shopping. Through the help of the monitor that is touch screen, you can now search for the location you desired to visit. You can also click your mouse and enter the shop virtually. You can now start your online shopping through browsing the list of the products by means of sing your mouse.

eGarden provides a possible online shopping in their shopping mall. You can shop online at their virtual market place at any time. You can shop even during midnight or during working hours. Through the various items they sell, you will surely have mind turmoil if in what floor you want to shop or if what kind of item you want to buy.

The newest virtual online shopping mall, eGarden are also offering best services for their online shoppers where you will easily have an easy access to this website on their top merchants, new arrivals products, best seller items and special deals. They also provide benefits for their online shoppers through its e-point system where you get to earn 1 e-point for every dollar spent. Think of how great it is to be rewarded while shopping at eGarden!

How to shop online at eGarden?

If you want to shop online at the eGarden, simply visit their Homepage and click on the Shopping Floor. To select for the shopping floor you want to visit you just have to:

Shopping Floor

  1. Click on of the shopping floor like for example the LG floor in order to enter on the malls’ floor plan.
  2. Click then select the shop lot. For example click the “Start Shopping” for you to enter your selected shop.
  3. If you want to proceed to relevant pages, just click the icons.

If you also want to use the store directory for a more convenient online shopping you just have to perform the following:

Store Directory

  1. Click the “Store Directory” on the Homepage of the eGarden.
  2. Choose your desired store then read on the description of the store. If you want to enter the malls’ shop lot, just click “Start Shopping”.
  3. You may also use the “Quick Jump” in order to filter the store category and to lessen the searching period.
  4. For quick jump way of online shopping, just point the “Home” for you to select your next store directory


Enjoy online shopping at the newest and virtually established online fashion destination. Walk into your favourite mall, eGarden, and discover how your mouse and the monitor help you choose your desired item.

eGarden – Your Online Shopping Garden!
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