How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

It is the Ring that Matters Most

In purchasing wedding ring, you can come across lots of wedding rings options. In fact, your options can be overwhelming. However, there are lots of things that you need to put into consideration in choosing the perfect wedding ring. After all, with such a huge purchase, you would definitely want to ensure that the wedding ring compliments not just her engagement ring, but also her personality and style. In addition, you need to put your personal preference and style into consideration too. The wedding band must suit both of your styles as well as her engagement ring.

Generally, most women prefer to wear a wedding ring close to their heart. Also, women prefer to wear the engagement ring over the wedding ring on the same finger. Considering this tradition, you may have to consider how the wedding ring will fit with each other. In case, you have no idea on the differences between engagement and wedding ring, read more on it here: ‘The Differences Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring.

The Perfect Match

Matching Wedding Ring


If you’re on a purchase for wedding rings, you’ll discover that some wedding rings are designed to completely fit with one another, side-by-side. Most women prefer to wear symmetry of matching rings, with a gemstone on top of them in the same shape and size. Others prefer to have two rings with the same type of setting or metal. Nowadays, there are many jewelers offering wedding ring set that ease the frustration of finding the suitable ring to match the engagement ring.

The Unique Combination

Unique Combination


On the other hand, some women may also prefer to wear another ring that is not designed to match her engagement ring. Although the two rings look completely different, it can create a unique, stylish look. To choose wedding rings that compliment her engagement ring or wedding rings that create a unique look, it all depends on the preference and style of the couple.

Women Diamond Rings

Prong Setting Diamond Ring


If you are about to buy a diamond wedding ring, it is best if you choose a prong setting. This setting gives the diamond maximum brilliance as a huge amount of light goes into the gemstone. You can also choose a channel setting. This protects the gemstone or the diamond from scratches or blemishes allowing you to keep the ring a smoother look for a longer period of time.  The three stone diamond ring setting is also perfect for wedding rings. The diamonds can symbolize the past, present, and future of the couple together. Stonesetting is the art of the securing the gemstones into the jewelry.

Women Gold and Platinum Rings

Gold Diamond Ring


Gold and platinum are classic wedding bands that can last a lifetime. You can ask your jeweler to craft wedding rings with diamond on top of these metals. Besides, you can customize the width of the metal to compliment your style and preference. For men, the most popular rings are plain metal bands. But, you can also choose a wedding ring with a subtle design.

Women Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Diamond Ring


A gemstone ring, whether subtle, velvety, or fiery in color, can compliment your engagement ring. Several gemstones are crafted to wedding rings with birthstones that enhance the personal significance of the couple.

Wedding Rings for Men

Men Diamond Ring


These days, men have a wide range of choices for picking a wedding ring. Most couples choose matching wedding rings, but others prefer two different wedding rings that create a unique style and appeal. Again, the men’s wedding ring will depend on your style and preference.


After reading this, you probably will not find it hard to choose the prefect wedding ring for you and your loved one. However, you should keep in mind to also consider other factors such as your budget, style and even whether will it match your wedding dress!

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