How to Make Your Luxury Shoes Last Longer?

How to Make Your Luxury Shoes Last Longer?

Let Your Luxury Shoes Worth the Splurge!

Are you fond of collecting different types of fashionable shoes that will satisfy your fashionable needs? Well, collecting different types of fashion shoes that are suited to your taste and interest will be one of the most exciting things to do. There are different types of online shoes that are always offered to respond their fashion needs. But, the only question is more on how you are going to make the luxury shoes you have to last longer?  There are simple yet effective things for you to do to make your shoes durable and these are as follows:

#1: Putting Heel Caps and Rubber Soles

 Heel Caps


Heel caps and rubber soles are regarded to be one of the most important part of the luxury shoes which can make it last longer. But how are you going to do that, well you need to seek assistance from a shoemaker. Ask him to put an additional thin layer type of rubber soles that match the type of luxury shoes you have. This is very essential to prevent immediate bottom scraping and sometimes unpleasant odor coming from your shoes.

#2: Letting Your Leather Shoes Always at its Conditioning Phase

 Leather Conditioner


Are you aware of leather conditioning? Well, making your luxury shoes last longer with leather conditioning is an essential way. With leather shoe conditioning, additional moisture that will be added on your leather shoes will serve as one of its life essentials. This will make the leather of your luxury shoes fabulously supple and thus preventing some nettlesome cracks.

Prior to leather conditioning, you need first to apply some sorts of shoe brush in your luxury shoes for the purpose of cleaning it. After cleaning, you need now to rub certain conditioner into the shoes although you need to take a few minutes before wiping the conditioner off your shoes. The leather will now absorb only the needed amount moisture of your shoes. Although leather conditioning might let you pay for additional expense, this will be all worth it seeing your shoes lasts for longer years of use.

#3: Storing Shoes Properly

 Shoe Storage


The place where you are going to store and put all your luxury shoes is very important. Scratching, fading and all other types of shoe problem can always exist if you are going to store your shoes in the wrong place. The most expensive fashion shoes you have must always be kept inside the box to assure its proper condition.  Linen types of dust bags can also be a wonderful alternative for storing some of your shoes.

You also need to remember that you don’t need to throw some pricey luxury shoes just in the closet. Shoes need air and thus, they demand care and discipline all the time. Line them and leave some sufficient spaces in between pairs to let air passed through each shoes. You need not to let your shoes stands directly in sunlight if you want to maintain its original color.


Shoes fashion is very essential for the people. So, as early as now, they need to be equipped with some simple and effective ways on how to make their luxury shoes last longer.

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