JL Jean Lai:  Malaysia Rising Woman Clothing Label

JL Jean Lai: Malaysia Rising Woman Clothing Label

Simple, Elegant, Sophisticated.. It’s All Here.

Are you looking for a simple yet very elegant and sophisticated fashion? The JL Jean Lai Clothing is bringing you to another level of women fashion. Arising locally, JL Jean Lai is a Malaysian women’s wear label that project an image of modernity in an understated, yet distinct style.

 JL Jean Lai

JL Jean Lai Clothing has its best collection specially made for women who are really updated with clothing that will look exceptional once fitted. They carry collections of varied styles of woman clothing that anticipate a modern image with sophisticated urban style. If you wish to shop online for defined and distinctive original designs of women’s wear, you have come to the right local designer’s brand. Being the brand of Malaysian Rising Woman Clothing Label, JL Jean Lai offers you the latest and unique design of fashion forward trends.

JL Jean Lai Clothing

Bored of the commercial designs offered by other online fashion boutiques? JL Jean Lai Clothing has a great collection for those who are looking for uniqueness in fashion online shopping! Expect clothes with simple design, clean silhouettes which are made with special craftsmanship. You will surely like their designs and fashion style that never failed to impress the eyes. Not forgetting that all of the design pieces are made of high quality and professionally draped and designed by fashion designer, Jean Lai. Their best selling collection includes the black and white series which is absolutely a distinct look for JL’s women splendid urban lifestyle. Here is a famous quote by Jean Lai - Black will never get boring when its sparked by the collision of dissimilar fabric. 

JL Fashion Design

So, don’t be surprise by the creativity in fashion designing that JL design is able to present. Simply because contrast of different materials in a garment are the vital elements in JL design. You can see how well PVC leather, chiffon, and cotton work together in JL design collections. For instance, you can feel the contrast with their Asymmetry Top in PU leather and chiffon. And we absolutely love the Raglan Transparent Sleeve Dress which is designed in sporty raglan sleeves that meet with soft net and chiffon. This exclusive piece is perfectly blend in and poise the design to an elegant collection. Without doubt, you will fall in love on how the designer brings the assortment of fabrics together.


If you wish to polish your wardrobe with a collection of high quality fabric and designed by artistic fashion designer, shop online now at JL Jean Lai which has been considered as the Malaysia’s Rising Woman Clothing Label. You will surely like their fashion forward designs and style trend that never fail to provoke the image of modernity. Shop now and select for the best and modernized style of women’s wear. Enjoy the best services they offer along with affordable prices!

“Be the trendsetters, not the followers”

JL Jean Lai – A Malaysian Womenswear Label
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Instagram: http://instagram.com/jljeanlai



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