More New and Hot Selling Products by Regen Cosmetic

More New and Hot Selling Products by Regen Cosmetic

More Exciting Regen Cosmetic Products Introduced by Hermo!

The Beauty Patches and Packs

Regen Cosmetic is a Korean company dedicated to manufacturing beauty patches, masks and packs to help you look your best from your head to your toes. The products offered by Regen Cosmetic has done so well that, an online beauty store in Malaysia, has recently introduced more products to us. While this Regen Cosmetic offers several different breakthrough products that help you to shape your body, fight the signs of aging and get that narrow chin you have been longing for all without surgery. Let’s take a look at some of these new products!

Product 1: S-Line Body Patch

 S Line Body Patch

The new S-Line Body Patch by Regen Cosmetic actually comes with 5 patches per package and is ideal for helping to shape various parts of the body. Each patch carries active ingredients that are absorbed by the skin and helps to shape your tummy, thighs, sides, arms and more by helping to reduce lumps and bumps.

After a few minutes upon using, the patch will feel slightly warm, but not uncomfortable and can be worn for several hours either while you are sleeping or under clothes. The Polyurethane fabric enhances the products ability to stick to your skin so you don’t need to worry about the patch coming off at an unexpected time. The patch uses a Hydro gel which speeds the transmission of the absorption of the active ingredients.

Product 2: Premium Gold Eye and Spot Patch

Premium Gold Eye Patch

One of the areas of your body that shows the first signs of aging is the area around your eyes. This delicate skin is given to dark rings and circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. Luckily the Regen Cosmetic Premium Gold Eye and Spot Patch can help reduce the signs of aging around the eyes by using the patch once or twice a week for 20 to 30 minutes. This premium gold eye and spot patch uses a minute quantity of real gold which offers a real boost to the other anti-aging ingredients.

The patch encourages hydration, helping to fill in those fine lines and wrinkles and giving the area around your eyes a smoother and softer appearance and feel. It also reduces those dark circles making you look brighter and healthier. Thirty patches come in the container and each patch thins as the active ingredients are absorbed into the skin. Best of all, nothing is wasted in these eye patches as you can dissolve what is left in of the patches in warm water and use it as a face or body treatment.

Product 3: V Fill-Up Mask Pack

V Fill Up Mask

Most of you have already heard of the beauty wave for V-shape face where Regen Cosmetic introduced its 2-Step Synergy Mask, a hassle-free solution for chubby face. And now Regen Cosmetic has another new V-shape mask pack with added benefits of firming! This new Regen Cosmetic V Fill-up Mask Pack is designed to give you that slimmer jaw line.

This mask is a full facial mask that offers other benefits which includes improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin as well as moisturizing. It comes in a single package or a packet of 5 masks all designed to create that slim V-shaped face. Whether you choose both two of these products or just one, chances are you will find yourself looking and feeling better than ever before.

The New BB Cream and CC Cream

Other than the beauty patches and packs, Regen Cosmetic has also added BB Cream and CC Cream to their best-selling range. Not every woman is blessed with perfect skin. In fact, few women have the perfect porcelain complexion that movie stars and other celebrates seem to have. The fact is, even those celebrities who seem to have those blemish free and even skin tones don’t come by them naturally. They often spend lots of money on skin care products and special make-up to help them achieve those flawless looks. Now you too can have seemingly flawless skin with right skin care products. Luckily for you Regen Cosmetic has two great products that can help you have that flawless skin appearance simply and easily. Less take a look at these two great skin care products!

Product 4: Ultra Cover BB Cream

Ultra Cover BB Cream

The Regen Cosmetic Ultra Cover BB Cream is a BB cream that covers those facial blemishes from uneven skin tone, to dark circles and more. This BB cream comes in 30 ml tube with a pump so that you control the amount of cream that is dispensed, so you won’t be wasting money which is a good thing because a cover cream that this effective doesn’t come cheap.

This Ultra Cover BB cream has regenerating components to help freshen your face while helping to control sebum production which may help reduce acne breakouts. Ultra Cover BB cream is a non sticky cream that will leave you with a clean fresh appearance. This cover cream will balance your skin tone and leaves your skin looking smoother and softer than you may have thought possible.

Since this cream goes on smooth and leaves skin looking fresh it perfect for wearing under make-up both for daytime and evening. While Ultra Cover BB cream is only a temporary fix, it is a fix that is surprising effective. And when it comes to sun protection, Ultra Cover BB cream helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays as it is SPF 46 PA+++.

Product 5: Ultra Toning CC Cream

Ultra Toning CC Cream

Another product by Regen Cosmetic that will help you achieve that flawless skin look is the Regen Cosmetic Ultra Toning CC Cream. This toning cream not only helps to firm to tone skin, but also improves your skins moisture and brightens that dull skill look while helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

This toning cream will help protect you from the sun’s ultra violet rays as it SPA 50+++, which will help keep your skin looking young far longer. This ultra toning cream when used on the T-zone area of your face, will add a three dimensional look to your face that is actually quite attractive. Ingredients in this product includes extract from Salcornia Europaea, Hyaluronic acid, Madecassoside and Portulaca extra.

Many women use both the Ultra Cover BB Cream and Toning CC Cream in combination for that flawless look they have they have been seeking. The ability of these skin care products to help you create the look you desire makes these both Regen Cosmetic Ultra BB and CC Creams the skin care products you should not miss!


Exclusively available in, you can start shopping for your Regen Cosmetic products at ease! If this is your first heard about, everything you need to know about and why you will love is here!

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