Online Buying Guide for Diamond Ring

Online Buying Guide for Diamond Ring

Let Online Shopping Take Care of It

It is not easy to buy something online, especially expensive items such as a diamond ring. Buying jewelry online is easy if you just know the right way to do it. You should know what to look for what buying diamond items online. This guide will help you determine whether you are buying the real deal or a fake you. The guide will also teach you how to determine the quality of the diamond ring. You don’t want to give you future wife a low-quality wedding ring, right?

Know What You Want

The first thing that you must know about diamond ring is to be familiar with the terms used, especially when it comes to diamonds. You should know what the term stands for and the kind of shapes and cuts available. If you are shopping for a wedding ring, then you should know what your partner would like.

Know about the 4C Rule

When buying diamond ring, you need to know the 4C rule, which represents the cut, color, clarity and carat. Cut is the appearance and shape of the diamond. The color of the diamond can determine its value. The clearer the diamond, the more expensive it will be. Carat is the unit of weight of diamonds. Keep in mind that it is different from the carat used to describe the fineness of precious metals. Clarity is determined with the use of a zoom microscope. An expensive diamond doesn’t have any blemish or defects. You can also read our article on A Glance into the 4Cs of Diamond Rings to understand more.

Compare Prices of Diamond Ring

Now that you know the diamond ring that you want, the next step is to determine whether the price is fair or not. Here are several guidelines to help you with the price:

0.15 to 0.25-carat diamond in a 14-carat white or yellow gold setting – $130 to $150

0.2 to 0.4-carat diamond in a 14-carat gold setting – $500 to $750

0.5-carat diamond in 14 to 18-carat gold setting – $750 to $1,000

1-carat diamond in 14 to 18-carat gold setting – $7,500 to $11,000

2-carat diamond ring costs more than $30,000.

Choose the Ideal Fine Jewelry Website

When shopping for a diamond ring online, you should only go to legitimate and trustworthy online retailers. It is recommended that you avoid a website that doesn’t have a return policy or money back guarantee. This is an indicator that the website is an unscrupulous one who is only trying to scam you out of your hard earned money. Below are the top five diamond-selling websites online.

Blue Nile


Blue Nile is the most popular website that sells diamonds and other fine jewelry. Their main business is selling engagement rings and has been known to be the most honest and reliable retailer on the Internet today.

Diamonds Factory

Diamonds Factory


Diamonds Factory is a UK-based online retailer that ships diamonds across the globe. They have the lowest priced diamonds in the whole UK. They offer a 30 day refund period with free shipping via Royal Mail.

Amazon Jewelry



Amazon Jewelry is the safest and most reliable solution for buying fine jewelry online. Just make sure that you buy only GIA certified diamonds to avoid issues in the future. Amazon offers large discounts, free shipping and a long guarantee period.


Source: has a user-friendly website that allows the consumer to find what they are looking for. They provide affordable items with discount promos of up to 85 percent. They also provide free shipping.

If you are not looking for an engagement ring, then the website to go to is They have a large selection of jewelry that is in sync with the latest fashion trends.


You should think twice before purchasing any item, especially items as expensive as a wedding ring. Make sure you double check the size, shape, and the 4Cs. Choosing the right cut for a diamond will make it look larger than it really is. Follow these tips when you are buying a diamond ring online.

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