Say Hi to V-Shape Face with Regen Cos Mask from Korea

Say Hi to V-Shape Face with Regen Cos Mask from Korea

No More Painful Experiences with Regen Cos Mask!

Are you bothered by double chin? It is no longer a problem because your “U-Shape” face can be instantly turned into “V-Shape” face with Regen Cos Mask.

Beauty experts across the world are keeping on developing and searching for new beauty products. Through the help of new technology there is the creation of beauty products that can help beauty junkies. During the early period, beauty solutions and products are usually applied by women but when the world has evolved men are also massively using same product. Public personalities are most of the avid fans of any facial solutions.

Well, we could not deny that people have the obsession to maintain good-looking faces. The physical appearance especially the face seems to be one of the most important parts of human body. A certain person can get the interest of the public through his or her natural charm. Especially when it comes to the showbiz industry, almost everyone is in extreme competition of beautiful and good-looking faces. Therefore showbiz personalities have the obsession to find the most efficient and effective solutions to maintain their charming faces.

regen cos ideal vshape face structure


The ideal facial line of most women in the present time is having a v-shape face structure. The society has labelled both men and women as the perfect face if they have the ideal v-shape of face. To catch up with these beauty desires and needs, a lot of surgical clinics are widely operating plastic surgery operations. They are helping those people who wish to become more beautiful. However, beauty junkies will no longer sacrifice on painful injections and procedures made by couple of surgeon. The invention and utilization v-shape mask is defined as the most precious gift that can be offered to those who are longing for instant but painless beautification method.

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Saying hi to v-shape face is now within your reach through the help of Korea’s hot selling Regen Cos mask developed by Regen Beauty Medical Group, one of the best plastic surgery clinics in Korea.

Why buy Regen Cos Mask?

V-shape face is now considered as the ideal shape face of all. It is said that if you have this shape of face you have more opportunity to be in the fashion trend. Various styles and designs of the world’s apparels are best suited to wear by people who have v-shape face. This face shape or line has also compatibility to wear any shapes of neckline. Therefore, if you want to have more advantage over the others you should try this Regen Cos mask, primarily the v-shape mask.

The Regen Cos Mask also offers some of the most important beauty benefits such as:

  1. Whitening solution – This facial can provide you with about 91.5V sleek lines in your face at any angle. This will also help you clean your uneven and dark skin tone into a crystalized and bright skin.
  2. Moisturizing mask – Aside from achieving about 91.5 V silky lines in your face, it will help you moisturizes rough and dry skin.
  3. Pore solution – It is the best choice to clean your oily face caused by extreme sebum. It is also the best use to make your pores clear from dirt.
  4. Reduces wrinkles – If you want to be look younger and fresher, this should be the best choice.

4 types of regen cos v-shape mask


This Regen Cos mask contains distinctive ingredients that cater to give special benefits.

  • Glacial Ikoma protein, Glycoprotein and Adenosine – This special nutrients can promote smooth and elastic skin. It will help you fight aging signs to keep your younger-looking skin.
  • Calendula flower – Its extracted components prevents the excessive production of sebum particles. This will help you tighten reduction of pores and achieve total skin refinement.
  • Mineral – This is rich with alpine water that keeps moisturizing skin.
  • Niacinamide – It helps to give you lighter and glowing skin.
  • Algae – Its extracts will help your skin to be calm and stress free. This will turn your dark skin into crystal-liked skin tone.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – It helps to hold about 6000X moisturizing content.
  • Aqua Acyl (extracted from Xylitol) – This is the best barrier of your skin from the dirt you may absorb in the environment.
  • Halophyte – It helps to remove water retention and bloating. This will remove excessive water in your bulky face to give you a fabulous v-shape face. This will lead you have a 91.5 degree angles, the excellent measurement for a stunning appearance.

If you want a mask that is free from mineral oils, colouring, alcohol and mineral oil you should use this Regen Cos mask. Allow the power of science and technology to be part of your skincare system. This revitalized mask guarantees to be clinically proven and highly recommended by the skincare institution.

How effective it is?

This skincare product has already conquered the world of showbiz industry. Most of the influential TV personalities have given their loyalty to the product. According to them the beauty product made an excellent change in their lives. One of the well-admired models in the showbiz industry is Miranda Kerr. She is now one of the newest Regen’s faces who assure its effectiveness. You can see it with her perfect face shape. The manufacturing factory is known to their passion, reliability and concern to the users and customers of the product.

regen recognized by miranda kerr

This is characterized as the most effective beauty solution to achieve your ideal face shape. Many people who have tried the product have already said. This product will not be vastly recommended by the prominent people if they are not happy of the results. Besides the stunning Miranda Kerr, Gong Min Ji from 2NE1, Chae Ri Na, and many other Korean superstars have fallen in love with Regen.

Regen Cos and Celebrities


Where to buy Regen Cos mask?

The need for quality and effective skincare or beauty items is truly evident. The influence of beautiful faces that conquers the heart of their avid fans leads the beauty junkies to be looks like their idols. When the multimedia has been successfully modernized it opens the gateway toward the world of advanced beauty technology. If you are wishing to get rid of your baby face, double chin and stubborn face’s fat, you are definitely looking for the v-shape face that is categorized as an ideal face shape. And this beauty product can help you make it possible!

If you are interested to buy Regen Cos masks, simply visit the online site of to purchase online. Hermo, one of the top online beauty store in Malaysia is exclusively offering quality and proven Regen Cos v-shape mask.


Your dream to have beautiful v-shape face is no longer a dream because it can be for real. There are wise people who shared their knowledge by providing you the most effective and most efficient way to become glamorous. This v-shape mask is not only intended to achieve perfect face shape but it also comes with ingredients that will give solution to your face and skin problems. So what are you waiting for? Shop online and buy your own Regen Cos mask and say hi to your v-shape face at now!

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