Skin79 10 Seconds Mask is All You Need

Skin79 10 Seconds Mask is All You Need

Short of Time? Find Out Why You Will Love the Skin79 10 Seconds Mask

Beauty masks are definitely the right way if you’re thinking to give your skin a second chance, depending on specific goals that you desired. Having it as your regular skin care routine can make your skin stay youthful but let’s be honest, in a way it does takes some time during the process. So what you need to do?

Introducing Skin79 10 Seconds Mask to get your skin pampered within 10 seconds, read on to find out more.

Skin79 10 Seconds Mask


Skin79 10 Seconds Mask is all in one, multipurpose beauty masks that combines as a toner, moisturizer, and essence to work into the skin in 10 seconds flat. The mask is composed in wide sheet soaked in 140ml of nutritious essence containing necessary ingredients to provide your skin a nourishing, supple, and healthy glow, working its way into the skin tissue to provide immediate nourishment and purging off impurities from the skin.

It’s true: 10 seconds flat is all you need for a supple skin and it’s definitely appealing for a busy lady like you. After using the mask, your skin feel rejuvenated and in prime condition perfect for applying cosmetic product that follows (your makeup will stay put and good looking for longer as your skin is free from debris that can disturb the makeup products onto the skin).

Key ingredients of this Skin79 10 Seconds Mask include hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, honey and rooibos extract, beta-glucan – known for their super protecting, smoothing, and hydrating properties as well as keeping your skin supple.

Plus, the package is travel friendly as it comes in a convenient package pouch (each pouch packed with 20 sheets of masks) which is what you need instead of splurging and bringing few skin care products such as toner, serum, and moisturizer at once anywhere you go – not just for your home use, Skin79 10 Seconds Mask is perfect to add during travelling.

Time, space, and ultimate beauty saver is the unique traits for Skin79 10 Seconds Mask.

Whenever your skin feels tired and dull looking, simply take 10 seconds to apply one beauty sheet from the package, press evenly onto the skin, and wait while the masks works its magic for a lustrous skin. Tip: pat gently all over your face to ensure the essence absorbs readily into the skin (we don’t want to let the essence go to waste, no!)


Never miss out when taking care of your skin with this ever-so-convenient sheet mask and look as youthful as ever. Skin79 10 Seconds Mask is retailing at RM49 and is available for online purchase at Skin79′s merchant at eGarden.

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