Skin79 Olive Repairing Sleeping Mask for Tired Skin

Skin79 Olive Repairing Sleeping Mask for Tired Skin

Dry and Stressed Skin? Use Skin79 Olive Repairing Sleeping Mask

What would you do after a hectic and stressed day? If you’re thinking the best way to de-stress is by sleeping in, I recommend that you apply a little bit of Skin79 Olive Repairing Sleeping Mask before going to bed to feel extra pampered in the morning. Read on to find out more.

Leading a busy life is not unusual as it used to as we’re living in a growing, fast-paced world and while you can’t afford to go to beauty spas every time after a big deadline ends, sometimes, all you need is a little pampering to get you rejuvenated and make through the day, like using Skin79 Olive Repairing Sleeping Mask once in a while.

What is It and How to Apply?

Skin79 Olive Repairing Sleeping Mask

Skin79 Olive Repairing Sleeping Mask is a beauty sleeping mask providing in intensive treatment for your skin. Packed with Olive Leaf Extract and Manuka Honey Extract for intensive nourishment and moisturization while Avocado Oil, Baobab Seed Oil to form a nutritional layer on the skin’s surfaces to protect and strengthening the skin’s barrier.

Simply apply liberally and leave it before going to bed for the mask to work its wonders while you sleep. Used regularly, your skin will get the immense benefits from the mask, both inside and outside of your skin, revealing a stronger, healthier, and youthful skin.

Why should I use a sleeping mask?

A sleeping mask is much better as you can sleep while the mask works on your skin. While you sleep, your body actually starts its healing mechanism to repair any part that has been damaged during the day (because of environmental factors, wounds, and even psychological stress). With Skin79 Olive Repairing Sleeping Mask, the ingredients will work hand in hand with your body to speed up healing mechanism extensively.

Although its highly recommended that you use Skin79 Olive Repairing Sleeping Mask during sleeping; you can also use it for a quick application if you need a bit of intense yet quick repair. Besides that, you can also read our article on the Skin79 10 Seconds Mask is All You Need to see what you can do in 10 seconds. Pamper yourself with the mask at least twice a week, or whenever you need an intense relaxation after having too much stress during the day.


The mask is suitable for all skin types (particularly for combination to dry skin ones). Trust us, if you’re the one leading a hectic lifestyle, then Skin79 Olive Repairing Sleeping Mask is the one that you should use regularly to keep your skin as youthful as it can be. If you think you need more understanding on other sleeping mask products by Skin79, you can read How to Choose Your Best Skin79 Sleeping Mask.

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