The 10 Handbags Every Woman Should Have

The 10 Handbags Every Woman Should Have

The 10 Must-Have Handbags in Your Collection

Collecting handbags can be an enjoyable and exciting hobby. When you are starting a collection you may be curious as to what handbags you absolutely have to have in your collection. There are ten bags that every woman should have in her collection.

#1: Day bag

Classic Day Bag


The first bag you need in your collection is the classic day bag in black. This bag is called a classic because it has been a must have bag for decades. You can find a day bag in black in almost any brand and you may even want to acquire two. Be sure to get a black day bag when you start your collection.

#2: Tote

Tote Bag


The next bag you definitely need to have is a neutral tote bag. You should store everything you might need in this bag so you can simply grab this bag and go. This bag must be in a color that will work in every outfit that way you can always have a put-together look when you are carrying this bag. You simply must have a neutral tote bag.

#3: Clutch

Day Clutch


The third bag you need to have is the day clutch. This bag may be small but it is easy to carry. Sometimes you want to grab your bag and go and not have your shoulder burdened. The day clutch is perfect for days where you do not want a whole tote.

#4: Minaudiere



Another bag you are going to want in your collection is a Metallic Minaudiere. This tiny bag will look amazing when you are at a wedding or a black tie event and thus it makes a great evening bag. To top it off it should look good with anything.

#5: Weekend casual bag

Weekend Casual Bag


A weekend casual is another fantastic bag to have in your collection. When you don’t want to carry around your neutral bag the casual bag helps you keep things well casual. This is a great bag for when you are headed to a brunch or need a bag to take with you shopping.

#6: Chain bag

Chain Bag


The sixth bag you need in your collection is a cross body party bag. This bag can be worn with a chain so you can look good while you dance the night away. If you love dancing then you simply must have a cross body party bag.

#7: Heritage bag

LV Classic Bag for Heritage Collection


The heritage bag is also necessary for any collection. This bag has a handle and is relatively small. It is called a heritage bag because the look has been popular for generations. If you haven’t inherited one you need to purchase a heritage bag soon.

#8: Fun bag

Fun Bag


The eighth bag for any handbag collection is a just for fun bag. This bag is simply one that makes you smile. It may have a wacky design or be ridiculously large; whatever is your cup of tea. Make sure you have a just for fun bag in your collection.

#9: Vibrant bag

Vibrant Bag


You will also need a touch of color in your collection. Buy a bug that has a bright or exciting color to it. This will help brighten up some of your more dark looks.

#10: Weekender bag

Weekender Bag


Finally every girl needs a weekender bag in case they want to hit the road right away. This bag will be extra-large so you can pack everything away if you need too. Be sure to get a weekender bag.


These ten bags that you should never missed are a wonderful beginning to any handbag collection. Be sure to get one of each type. It is okay if they aren’t of any luxury brands as well as they are fashionable.

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