The 10 Men Bags Every Man Should Have

The 10 Men Bags Every Man Should Have

How Men Bags Can Rock a Man’s World

Gone are the days when men never used to shop for fashionable bags. Today, you can see men in bag shopping departments looking for designer bags.  The men of today are becoming more conscious on how to incorporate bags into their lifestyle. It is good to know that women are no longer the top shoppers of bags because a lot of men appreciate style and appearance.

Many fashionable men bags are available on the market these days. Men no longer have to through the agony of stuffing their pockets with mobile phone, wallets and keys or anything they will need throughout the day. The presence of messenger bags, totes and briefcase bags these days brings comfort of style to all men of all ages.  If you are looking for a designer bag, here is a list of 10 men bags that you should consider purchasing.

1. Over-sized Stuff-It-Sack

Oversized Stuff It Sack


This oversized type of men bags is full of style, no wonder it was a hit at the summer/spring collections. Over-sized stuff it back designer bag is big in size, very masculine and is worn over the shoulder just like a casual backpack.

2. Smaller Diver Utility Bag

Small Diver Utility Bag


Every diver needs this bag. The small diver’s utility men bag is the best way to keep all the equipment together, organized and ready to be used.  A small utility bag also protects small electronics and sensitive gear.

3. Classic Duffel Bag

Classic Duffel Bag


The classic duffel type of men bags is great for weekend getaways. Duffel bag is water resistant and very tough. The zippers facilitate easy access to the main compartment, and the nylon handles support the load tote.  It also has adjustable shoulder trap as well as convenient storage sack.

4. Leather Men’s Tote

Men Tote


A designer bag that is versatile in both form and function. A leather tote of men bags offers the modern man a dose of daily luxury. You can get this bag in different colors, which make it perfect for color blocking.

5. Classic Weekender Bag

Weekender Bag


You can never go wrong with a classic weekender branded bag. This bag is extensively coated with luxury high quality of leather.  The classic weekender men bags will definitely make you stand out and look sophisticated from top to bottom.

6. Floppy Leather Envelope

Floppy Leather Envelope


A simple designer bag that looks similar to a document or envelope and easier to carry. Floppy leather envelope bag is perfect as smaller styles men’s clutches.

7. Classic Briefcase

Classic Briefcase


The classic branded briefcase has a vintage style. The size is great, and the bag has exceptional quality and beauty thus great to add a sense of style to your outfit.

8. Soft Briefcase

Soft Brieftcase


The soft briefcase offers quality men bags that you can both use to work or during leisure days. It is lightweight and durable which makes it the perfect men bags for working men who are always on the go.

9. Safari Inspired Binoculars Case

Safari Inspired Binocular Case


This is a unique small designer bag for men bags, which is masculine and carries small utilities. It is easy to carry by wearing the shoulder strap.

10. Oversized Boho Tote

Oversized Boho Tote


A great casual bag that is very luxurious. These boho tote design of men bags have great space to carry your accessories. Remember to wear the shoulder strap to avoid it falling into the women’s bag category.


These are some of the designer men bags you can purchase to complement your style. A great designer bag should show off your masculine and versatile fashion sense.

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