The 3 Best Ways to Apply Skin79 BB Cream

The 3 Best Ways to Apply Skin79 BB Cream

Find Out How to Apply the Skin79 BB Cream in the Best Ways

BB cream is a facial makeup product that is now well established within the beauty industry. They are an all-in-one cream, which was developed back in the 1960s, since then the products have evolved and are now into a ‘must have’ for everyone wishing to look their best. You can now buy Skin79 BB Cream online just by a few clicks.

Skin79 BB creams have been developed not only to moisturize your skin, but to conceal blemishes, help to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and act as a foundation. To enjoy the maximum benefits from Skin79 BB cream, you will need to ensure that you are applying the BB cream in the correct manner.

In order to get the most from your Skin79 BB Cream you should employ one of the following methods of application. Here are the 3 best ways for application of BB cream depending on your skin type and on the effect you wish to achieve.

#1: Using your finger

It is best to use this method on dry skin. Simply squeeze a little Skin79 BB Cream onto your fingers and then dot onto your face. In order to ensure an even coverage, carefully blend in tapping motion using your fingertips. Make sure you pay close attention to any problem areas. Remember not to blend the BB cream by rubbing or dragging the BB cream onto your skin to avoid patchy application.

If a heavier application is required reapply a little additional cream after the first application has had time to become established. This method of application will exploit your skin’s natural body heat by gently liquefy the cream to ensure a deeper penetration from which you will gain maximum benefit.

How to Apply BB Cream

#2: Apply using a brush

If you have dry to normal skin and wish to avoid the creation of those annoying dry patches and that ‘flaky makeup’ look then this is the method for you. Skin79 Malaysia recommends the application of your cream with a makeup brush. Squeeze a little cream onto the back of your hand, then take up some of the cream onto your brush before gently sweeping it across your face. Use shorter strokes to blend the product in and, if you require a heavier coverage, rework the specific areas with a little additional cream.

#3: The damp sponge method

To apply Skin79 BB cream for normal to oily skin it is recommended that you use a makeup sponge. Remember not to wet the sponge too much or it will suck up the BB cream instead of leaving it on the surface of the sponge ready for application. Dampen the sponge with a facial mist and squeeze a little Skin79 BB Cream on to it, the cream is now able to hold it on the sponge which allows you greater control in the delivery of the cream.

Now dab the cream onto your face and using the sponge carefully blend in. Again, this method can be used to build up your application to a heavier result if required. If you have very oily skin, we suggests you to pair your BB cream along with the Skin79 Sun Protect Beblesh Pact. Simply buff on the powder onto your face, focusing on the oily areas such as T-zones to set on the BB cream.

Use Damp Sponge to Apply BB Cream


Further tips of using Skin79 BB Cream

1)      The Skin79 BB cream suits all skin color well as it has the function to even out and match to your skin tone. Do wait for 3-5 minutes to let the BB cream to oxidize before any second layer of BB cream application or powder application. As long as you do not over apply, the bb cream is able to suit your skin tone well.

2)      If you are having very tanned skin tone, you may mix the bb cream with a liquid foundation of your skin tone before applying. Try mixing them in 1:1 ratio and you’ll get your ever matching skin tone colour of BB cream!

Apply Skin79 BB Cream



Your face needs a BB cream to look brighter, fairer and healthier. Enjoy the benefits of Skin79 BB Cream without delay, simply click to buy Skin79 BB Creams online today.

How to Apply BB Cream

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