The Differences Between Engagement and Wedding Ring

The Differences Between Engagement and Wedding Ring

‘I Do’ is Where All Dreams Come True

Love, romance, courtship and marriage… they are the beautiful words that entwined in it, utterly fascinating meaning as well as magic. That is the reason why there is so much of delicacy, thoughtfulness and evolved in taking each step onto the love connections so that everything becomes exquisite, worthwhile and memorable(especially the wedding ring) for the couple. This is needed so that they can share their loving times for years to come and their love, passion and commitment for each other grows with each passing day.

The journey of love indeed has a crowning period with the proposal to seeking the engagement and eventually marriage. All these stages are the milestones and to make it ever more special, there are “RINGS” – engagement ring and wedding ring to emblaze the event and add on to the shimmer, glitter and sparkle of ardent love.

We are going to explore the various facets of these rings and their origin, significance and meaning in the life of engaged and married people so that you can also get the inspiration to seek out the best option in rings and make way for a lovely nuptial stage of your life!

From where it ‘all’ begun!!

Grass Rings


From ancient times people use rings for showing their commitment, especially the bonding between two people who are married. Interestingly, first ring that made for wedding was of grass. This was just the beginning, after that lot of things were changed in starting of 2nd century. It became usual for men to give their brides a gold ring at the time of engagement period but at the time of wedding, groom presents iron rings to their brides. It became symbol of lawful ceremony where the groom shows that he had ownership over his wife till she is alive.

This tradition is still in use and most of the people today wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring because it symbolizes ownership of another person whom they have selected to share their life with. As both rings are carrying different meanings and commitment to one’s partner, people today usually wear them together on the same finger at all times. Married couples have worn it in their hand to show their dedication towards their love-mate.

Hidden ‘message’ of these rings:

Engagement Rings


Engagement ring is used to propose a partner and show your love and devotion towards him/her. This indicates that you want to marry that person and will remain committed with him/her throughout life. Engagement ring is somehow very important for verifying that other person is also committed for life long relationship. People of today wear engagement ring as someone who have agreed to marry their love interest. It is also a way of telling surrounding people that they are committed with someone else and they are not available for any-other individual.

Wedding RingsSource:

Wedding ring is also used for similar purposes but there is very little difference. By wearing a wedding ring, it represents that the wearer has been lawfully tied to husband or wife. These wedding rings or also commonly known as wedding band is used especially in wedding ceremony in front of friends, family and other people to declare their newly married status. In most Asean countries, wedding rings are put on during the Registration of Marriage ceremony as Asean couples will held their tradition wedding ceremony separately.

Perfect place for these rings on your hand as well as in your heart!

There were saying that ring is to be worn by man on the left ring finger and woman on the right ring finger. However, when it comes to wedding, all rings are to be worn on the ring finger of the left hand side. It is very prominent that the engagement ring is worn on the finger before marriage but it has become a common trend that people wear engagement or proposal ring with their wedding ring as well. In that case, the wedding ring is worn under these rings.

The tradition of wearing rings in the left ring finger comes into limelight with the belief that this finger is directly linked with the heart of the person. This indeed symbolizes the sacredness and the true feelings that are needed to initiate a beautiful relationship. Yes, the heart to heart connection can be achieved through these magical rings!

Stylish appearance, design and options:

When we give attention towards the differences of engagement and wedding rings, it can easily be found that rings that are created for engagement are more stylish, flashy and exquisite. There are many precious stones, gems; like diamond, emerald, ruby etc are embedded to make it really gaudy and beautiful. There are also different metals that are available for these rings like platinum, silver, gold or less expensive ones.

However, that is not the case of rings for wedding as they are sold in pair. Nowadays, there are wedding ring sets available which come in together with both engagement and wedding rings. It might contain wonderful art work on it and lots of gems as well. But mostly these rings are simple but still very attractive as all wise man says “simplicity is always beautiful and powerful”. That is the same case with wedding rings.

Besides that, now custom rings are available that can help you in opting for the unique love gestures for your beloved. You can create your own designs by placing order. Also, in case your lady loves to have the same ring for wedding as she had for engagement; for that you can seek the customized services.

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What’s the Differences Between A Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Part 2

Source: Mike Nekta @ Youtube

Financial bottom-line:

On practical level, engagement rings are associated with the financial wealth of person that wants to marry him/her. Lavish ring is associated with extreme love and devotion. But most people spend a lot when it comes to buying engagement ring and reduces their budget when it comes to buying wedding ring. Then there are many people who seek out the combined set of rings for both engagement and wedding. This indeed give them option to invest in one go or they can seek out different options for both the rings.


All in all, it is quintessential that you are making your purchases from the authentic jeweler so that you are not disappointed in any manner. It is also advisable that you make thorough exploration in seeking the best options in rings that suits your budget as well as expectations thoroughly. You can explore online jewelry websites as well as visit your nearest jeweler showroom to get the real look of the items.

As a couple you should decide for the wedding ring together as it will help you to bond with each other more intimately. It is indeed a life long journey that you two will be embarking on and therefore, it is time to start making room for your life partner’s choices and preferences; and giving it due consideration.

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