The Evolution of Skin79 BB Pacts in Beauty World

The Evolution of Skin79 BB Pacts in Beauty World

The New ‘IT’ Thing – Skin79 BB Pacts

BB creams have truly made a huge impact in the beauty market; people are raving about it and most of the first timers actually repurchased BB creams again. Although BB cream has been in the market for quite some time, the buzz surrounding it is still going strong. A multitasking beauty product like BB cream, woman loves the pure convenience coming from using BB cream regularly, noting the immediate improvement the cream for the skin. And now the beauty market has another lovely addition to the BB range – BB pacts that will be more convenient for you. Read on to know more about BB pacts, particularly for Skin79 BB Pacts.

What exactly is BB pact?

Skin79 VIP Gold Hologram Pearl Pact

A BB pact is more or less like a BB cream in the tube, where it’s in compact, healthier alternative in powdered form for convenience and easy use. BB pact is highly recommended to be used alongside with your BB cream to set the makeup last longer, which is the key feature of Skin79 BB Pacts.

Generally, BB pacts have the same characteristics and health benefits as you’d found in BB cream, but they tend to have higher SPF, offering light to medium coverage, and your makeup will last longer. When using regularly alongside with BB cream, you’ll notice immediate improvement on the overall skin texture ad free from unsightly blemishes. To make the most of the features, it’s highly recommended that you’d use Skin79 BB cream along with Skin79 BB pact to get maximum benefit.


Skin79 Hot Pink Super Beblesh Pact

One of the best selling Skin79 BB pacts, the Sun Protect Beblesh Pact SPF30 PA++ offers a brightening effect with high SPF value. This Skin79 BB pact is working in sync with Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions. Another popular Skin79 BB pact, the SKIN79 Hologram Pearl Pact is great for combination to dry skin. This Skin79 BB pact has the fine pearl particles help to cover and diminish the appearance of fine lines and small acne, as well as giving off a sculpted look.

Skin79 The Oriental Moist Sun Pact

Another Skin79 BB pact many BB users are loving is the Skin79 The Oriental Moist Sun BB Pact Plus. It is an elegantly designed compact that evens skin tone and gives skin a spotless appearance while minimizing shine. The creamy texture ensures it does not settle into lines or get cakey which it makes perfect for dewy skin lovers!

Just like BB creams, Skin79 BB pacts are also suitable for nearly all skin types. And you should apply it as the last part of your makeup routine to set the overall makeup. And voila, there you have a flawless look!


Although BB pacts are quite new, a lot of users and first timers loved having Skin79 BB pacts as part of their makeup routine. The pact is no doubt super convenient, and the coverage is excellent, easy to blend into the skin, preventing ‘cakey’ look on the whole makeup. Do you think that BB pacts are the next thing to have in your makeup routine? We can guarantee that wants you start using BB pacts like Skin79 BB Pacts you’ll be hooked to use it every day.

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