Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond Rings in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond Rings in the World

Diamond is Every Woman’s Best Friend

For centuries, the most expensive gemstones such as diamonds are the most popular collection of royalties and the rich. These days, diamonds are crafted as a wedding ring or proposal ring. Diamonds have become the most wanted gemstone in mining. If you manage to get a diamond, you can instantly get rich. These top 10 most expensive diamond rings are the most wanted gemstone that people would want to keep in their palace or mansion or use as a wedding ring.

Top 10: Blue Sapphire

3 Stone Blue Sapphire Ring


The blue sapphire does not mean lasting love for a person’s royalty. But, blue sapphire is still one of the most expensive wedding rings in the world. The three-stone diamond ring from House of Taylor features more than 2 carats of diamond and 8.28 carats of Ceylon Sapphires. This diamond ring costs $49,500.

Top 9: Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring

Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring


Diamonds and rubies are conventional options for buyers of engagement ring. The diamond and ruby engagement ring from House of Taylor features a precision cut diamond and three oval shape rubies. The ring costs $63,600.

Top 8: Emerald and Diamond Ring

Emerald and Diamond Ring


The emerald and diamond engagement ring from House of Taylor features more than 2 carats of diamond and 6.84 carats of Columbian emeralds set on 18-carat of white gold. The ring costs $93,600.

Top 7: Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow Diamond


This Ross-Simons  yellow diamond engagement ring is chic. Sold at $100,000, the ring features 0.35 carat of diamonds surrounding the 1.35 carats of 2 trapezoidal diamonds.

Top 6: Yellow Diamond Ring by Ross-Simons

Ross Simons Yellow Diamond Ring


Yellow diamond rings are extremely popular among celebrities. Sold at $400,000, Ross-Simons has crafted this yellow diamond with greater cut precision and can make a perfect wedding ring. Baseball stars Johnny Damon and actors Charlie Sheen and Eddie Murphy paired their marriage proposals with yellow diamonds engagement rings.

Top 5: Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Asscher Cut Diamond Ring


Introduced in 1902, the asscher cut diamond has become extremely popular these days. House of Taylor asscher cut diamond ring makes a perfect engagement ring. Listed number 5 in the list of most expensive diamond rings in the world, it costs $520,000. Reese Witherspoon had one when she got married to Ryan Phillipe.

Top 4: Pink Diamond Ring

Pink Diamond Ring


Soccer star David Beckham proposed to Victoria Beckham with a suitably posh pink diamond engagement ring. The pink diamond engagement ring features 0.8 carat of pink diamond and 4.15 carats of rose-cut colorless diamond. Set on a platinum ring, this perfect engagement ring costs $525,000.

Top 3:  Oval Diamond Ring

Oval Diamond


The micro melee split shank ring from Tiffany & Co features 12.03 carats of cushion diamond that costs $800,000. Set in platinum, this wedding ring can withstand the test of daily wear for a long period of time.

Top 2: Platinum-Set Diamond Ring

Platinum Diamond Ring


The platinum set diming ring belongs to the House of Taylor Elizabeth Collection. Sold at $1.3 million, the ring features 3.96 carats of round and brilliant diamonds in floral design as well as 5.98 carats of an oval cut diamond.

Top 1: Platinum Engagement Ring from De Beers

De Beers Diamond Ring


The $1.83 million platinum engagement ring from De Beers features D-color, the most wanted color of diamond. The diamond stone seated on the platinum ring is perfectly round and weighs more than 9 carats.


If you are looking for the perfect wedding ring, these diamond rings are perfect. Nothing can beat the satisfaction, pleasure and happiness that you could get from these diamond rings.

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