Top 3 Trendiest Woman Watch for 2014

Top 3 Trendiest Woman Watch for 2014

Hottest Woman Watch Trend in 2014

Watches are the most favorite accessory among women. In fact, many women are purchasing them because they are trendy and popular at the present time. The only minor issue is that there are many types of watches to choose from in the market. You may want the sporty-type, casual type or dress-up type of watches.

Actually, there are many woman watch brands that produce expensive and beautiful watches. The important thing is that they are built luxuriously. Among the many woman watch brands to choose from are Guess, Burberry, Fossil and Versace.

Just like other pieces of accessories in your own wardrobe, watches should complement to the clothes that you wear. Thus, you need to be extra careful in the clothes that you choose. If you are interested to have a watch with shimmer and swagger, then there is no such thing that compares to gold. This should be handled with clear polishes and extra care.

Here are the top 3 trendiest woman watch for 2014:

Big watches

Oversized Watch


Big watches are the coolest watches to purchase around the world. They range from different sizes that bulge with fashion and style. There are many choices that are left for you that inspire you to be watch fanatic.

The best thing about big watches is that they are hugely fashionable and functional. They are designed in matching the chic and personal style of many women. They are bold, simple and sleek and include extra functionality.

Big watches are preferred by most women because they are more dramatic and more functional. In returning to the timeless design, watches are made of classic materials, stainless steel and hued silicone. The big face of the watches makes way for extra functionality and easy readability. You can feel free to explore the many sizeable collection of woman watch.

Gold watches

Gold Watch


Gold watches are simply unforgettable as they are a perfect choice. As they are classical timepieces, they are always known to remain in chic and style. There are so many choices left for you.

Apart from it, gold watches are incredible that they complement to the formal look. They also have their contrasting face that resembles the bold timepieces. They may be enhanced aesthetically along other interesting and sharp features such as luminous accents and quartz movement, sub dials and stopwatch capabilities.

If you are interested to look for the trendiest woman watch, there is a fashionable timepiece that can range from designers and brands.

Rose gold watches

Rose Gold Watch


Bring elegance into every outfit with one of the rose gold watches to find along their striking and rich colors. Rose gold watches are accentuated and inspired with chic accents. It is injected with a style with its leather and stainless steel band.

Along its water-resistant materials, they make way for a timeless and appealing look that every piece features its rose gold color, with ceramic or pearl accents that creates a simple and textured contrast. They simply create the best fit along metallic clasps that remain tight the entire day.

Although considered to be a not so likely choice when attending on sporty outings, this is still the most practical and trendiest woman watch that can be a part of the practical collection with frames, signature treatments and mineral crystals. These ensure that rose gold watches have their modern accents and bright coloring, such as date dials and chronographs. They are suitable for play and work that rose gold watches truly deliver their amazing and undeniable style!


You no longer need to worry about having a watch that doesn’t suit your outfit will ruin your fashion sense. With these woman watch tips, you can be fashionable effortlessly.

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