Top 5 Hottest Korean Beauty Trends in 2014

Top 5 Hottest Korean Beauty Trends in 2014

The Korean Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder

Korea’s obsession for beauty has grown and emerged from the Asean countries to the entire world. The Korean beauty who has successfully created the hype of BB cream in 2012, has ever since gained massive attention on Korea’s beauty trend from all over the world. A perfect figure, high cheekbones, dashing almond eyes and a glowing translucent fair skin – the Koreans have continuously set their own beauty trend.

Consumers are Going Gaga Over Innovative Korean Beauty Products

In today’s beauty context, many South Korean beauty products are on the tipping point. This is a strong sign from many consumers who are becoming more voracious about Korean beauty trends and products. The Korean beauty industry is now offering products new to the ears of consumers that promise the turn in great results. We are listing down five beauty trends in the market.

Tip 1: Cushion Compacts

Cushion Compacts


First on the list of innovative Korean beauty trends are cushion compacts. A product patented to Amore Pacific, they turn a non-foundation user into a daily addict in an instant. The compact features a sponge base impregnated with a lightweight, usually high SPF BB or CC cream. There’s a specialized pad with a smooth surface that you press into the sponge, which deposits the cream. You then swipe and pat your way to a perfected, dewy complexion.

MUST TRY : ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cushion 13g

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cushion

Tip 2: Sleeping Pack or Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Pack


Next are the sleeping packs or more commonly known as sleeping masks. As night time skin transmission shows higher rate than the one in the day time, it is essential to provide your skin sufficient moisture. Sleeping packs can have a consistency anywhere from a thick gel to a heavy-duty cream. It provides a very intense boost of moisturization and hydration of the skin.

MUST TRY : Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX 80ml

Laneige Sleeping Pack

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex

Source: Laneige @ Youtube

Tip 3: Finishers

Makeup FInishers


Another Korean beauty trend are finishers, the missing link to a perfect-looking skin. It is a new type of product to use at the last step of your skincare regime and is rising fast to achieve consumer’s demand for dewy glowy skin. The mentality is your makeup will only look flawless if your skincare preparation is flawless. In Korea, a flawless skin is basically looking like you have no makeup, but your skin looks amazing dewy with clarity and no bags and everything is in one tone.

MUST TRY : Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher

Sulwhasoo Makeup Finishers


Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher

Source: Amore Cosmetics @ Youtube

Tip 4: Oil Cleansers

Oil Cleaners


Oil cleanser is another big thing in Korean beauty. Many Koreans are battling oil forming for perfect clear skin and oil cleanser has come into the picture perfectly. Most importantly, they don’t dry out the skin. There are two types of oil cleansers available in the market which are the liquid and solid balm. A Korean beauty product essential is the oil cleanser, a clear must-have.

MUST TRY : Deoproce Green Tea Cleansing Cream

Deoproce Oil Cleanser Balm

Tip 5: Snail Slime Treatment

Snail Slime Treatment


Last but not least, for women who have acne or blemish problems, the snail slime treatment is becoming a hot issue cosmetic ingredient in Korean beauty trend. When a snail is damaged, the slime containing mucin will discharged from its body and helps to heal wounds. Snail mucin is composed of chondroichin that penetrates deep into the skin and prevents skin aging, improves skin’s elasticity, controls moisture level and promotes skin cell regeneration. The snail secretion is an antibacterial which makes it great for acne skin, as well as for brightening.

MUST TRY : Elishacoy Premium Skin Repairing Snail Cream 50g

ElishaCoy Premium Skin Repairing Snail Cream


Innovations in marketing these new Korean beauty trends come and go, from eBay to easy-to-purchase packages through e-commerce websites. In malls in Southeast Asia alone, closing are local health and wellness, independent stores to give way to Korean brands such as Etude House. In New York City, the Korea Health Industry Development Institute  (KHIDI) opened the awesomely-named pop-up shop, Korea Cosmetic Bliss, drawing thousands of U.S. consumers.

Korean pop superstars are a craze, but they are not even halfway to the obsession for beauty products in the country. We totally agree with Erin Flaherty, Marie Claire’s health and beauty director who said: “We are seeing so much innovation come out of Korea and with globalization, it’s coming a lot faster.”

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