Top 6 Fashion Tips to Make Your Legs Look Longer

Top 6 Fashion Tips to Make Your Legs Look Longer

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A lot of women want to get a tall, lean, long legged look. If you are shorter than average, it can be hard to figure out what style will be the most flattering for your body. If you are trying to make the most of your height, you can make your legs appear longer by choosing styles that don’t visually divide up your body. By following these six fashion tips, you can choose flattering outfits that make your legs look long and lean.

Tip 1: Show Some Leg

Asymmetrical hemlines are a great choice for women who want to maximize their height and leg length. A straight hem will chop up the line of your legs, making them look shorter and stumpier than they really are. This is especially true if the hemline falls at the thickest part of your calf.

Choosing asymmetrical hemlines add more visual interest to an outfit. This style draws the eye along the outfit in a way that makes your legs look longer. Buying skirts and dresses with handkerchief hems or otherwise asymmetrical hems is one easy style tip you can follow to look your best.

Try: Miss Chase Here’s A Zip Bodycon Skirt

Miss Chase Heres A Zip


Tip 2: Make Use of Vertical Lines

When you’re shopping for pants, look for a pair with some sort of vertical detailing. Pin stripes, creases, piping, or button rows are all flattering if you are hoping to appear taller. These details draw the eye vertically along a person’s legs, making them look longer.

Try: Club Zen Striped Jeggings

Striped Jeggigns


Tip 3: No Pleats, Please

Try to avoid any style of pants that includes front pleats. Pleated pants create the illusion of more weight around the stomach. This effect is even more noticeable on shorter women. A flat front style of pants is a much better fashion choice if you are going for a long, lean look.

Try: Line 32 Loa Pants

Line 32 Loa Pants


Tip 4: The One-Colour Rule

Look for monochromatic outfits. Dressing in a single color will make you look generally taller. When you wear skirts and tops in contrasting colors, it can have the effect of chopping up your body visually, making you look shorter. A monochromatic style draws the eye up and down your outfit in an unbroken line. This fashion tip helps you make the most of your height.

Try: Mango Printed Romper

Mango Printed Romper


Tip 5: Try Dark Colours

Not every monochromatic fashion will work well for shorter women. Dark colors are usually the best if you want to look tall and lean. Bright colors often make you look heavier than you are. Big prints can also be unflattering.

Try: Kei & Kori Void Dress

Kei & Kori Void Dress


Tip 6: Keep it Simple

Finally, to complete that long legged look, choose a flattering style of shoe in a cream or nude color. Shoes like these create the illusion that your leg extends beyond where it really does. Cream or nude high heels can appear to add several inches to your leg length. A darker or bright colored shoe would be much more noticeable and would make your leg look shorter.

Try: Nose Pointed Toe Wedge Pumps

Nose Pointed Toe Wedge Pump


To make the most out of this fashion tip, choose a shoe without an ankle strap. Even in a light colored shoe, straps can chop the leg in a way that spoils the appearance of length. If you are wearing open toed shoes, choose a nude or light colored toenail polish. Bright nail polish, like bright shoes, will detract from the appearance of length.


By following these style tips, you will be able to make the most of your height. These simple rules will help you choose clothes that are in fashion and that give you the tall, long legged look you are hoping for.

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