Top 6 Tips for the Highly Raved No-Makeup Makeup Looks

Top 6 Tips for the Highly Raved No-Makeup Makeup Looks

Let Your Beauty Shine Naturally!

The no-makeup look doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not use any kind of makeup. A few minimalistic interventions are always recommended. It is highly recommended to use small amounts of natural makeup whenever possible. That’s why we have chosen this interesting name – The No-Makeup Makeup Look to describe this concept. Now it’s time to present some no-makeup makeup tips that will help you achieve this look.

Tip 1: Make your skin glow

 Gisele Bundchen


There are many reasons why Gisele Bundchen is one of the most beautiful models in the world, but her glowing complexion is certainly one of the main reasons. This is especially the case with her face. In order to get a natural no-makeup look like that, you first need to apply sheer mineral base. So, even if you have freckles they will be visible. There is a big chance that Gisele’s skin is looking so dewy naturally but in case Mother Nature didn’t provide a skin like that for you – just use a highlighter. Use the highlighter on the areas on your face that are most visible – chin, nose, cheeks etc. Use a tinted balm in a neutral color to highlight your lips too.

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 ElishaCoy Luminous Highlighter

Tip 2: Shape your eyebrows

 Strong Eyebrow


Well, this is not something new for most girls and women but it is good to point out that you should shape your eyebrows. And when we say shape we don’t mean make them like really thin lines. It is more like polishing and grooming your eyebrows. Use a brush to comb them upward in order to achieve maximum effect. Don’t forget to use some cream in order to make your skin look in the same way everywhere on your face.

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Tip 3: Vibrant lashes

 Jennifer Lawrence


No man or woman can resist thick, curled and long eyelashes. Women have used their look to seduce men from ancient times an eyelashes are one strong female asset that can be beautified with a mascara, extensions or false lashes. Since we are looking for a more natural no-makeup look, we suggest using mascara (you should use it very close to the root of the eyelashes). In this way your eyelashes will look longer. You will get similar effects by using black gel liner too!

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SKin79 Kick it Side Poseidon Lash Mascara

Tip 4: Nude Lips

 Lea Michelle


Nude lips were once considered to be a trend by today they are the first option for many stylists. The best thing about nude lips is that they are suitable for every type of complexion. Forget your lipstick and use a lip pencil to shape line and fill in your lips. These pencils are discreet and they are certainly part of the no-makeup concept.

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 Deoproce Premium Lipstick

Tip 5: Toned-down eyes

 Charlize Theron


Toned-down cat eyes with long and thick eyelashes and perfectly groomed eyebrows will make your look more seductive. In order to get a look like that you must use appropriate base and after that use a corrector right under the eyes. In order to get a more highlighted look use mascara (it will give you volume) on both upper and lower eyelashes. This no-makeup look is perfect for any occasion.

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Skin79 Kick It Side Monster Liner

Tip 6: Rosy cheeks

 Reese Witherspoon


Rosy cheeks are back on the scene. The most important thing is to choose a suitable shade of blush. Darker skin needs peachy or orange colored blush while lighter skin requires rosier blush. Just rub the brush in the blush and before you use it apply a suitable foundation and remove the excessive blush from the brush. Apply the blush carefully with circular movements until you achieve appropriate effects.

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Skin79 Oriental Gold Plus


Less is more! Skill yourself with these handful beauty tips to show your beauty to the world with your natural features. Embrace your flaws and turn them into your most valuable assets with these no-makeup makeup tips.

Peachy Nude Makeup Tutorial

Source: MakeupByEman @ Youtube

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